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One question, among others, I have for other wedding photographers is- how do you maintain a healthy lifestyle?

It is not generally a question for my own sake, as I am pretty healthy.  But a curiosity, especially during the hectic times, how do you maintain your overall health?

Since I work during the day time at Princeton, I have access and utilize their gym to weight lift on a daily basis.  During the night, I run 2 miles three – four days a week.  Since I am a vegetarian, my diet is more selective and structured as well.   I don’t like those “mock” soy products, I haven’t liked them since I was in high school.  So I mainly eat rice, vegetables, beans, legumes, and tofu.  Though I have to admit, as my family and friends know, I am a big coffee fiend.  I, err.., tend to drink coffee a lot. haha!  And I have a thing for gelato too.

But that is where my exercise regimen comes in! 🙂

During the wedding season, after the day(s) of the wedding(s) I still do the same exercise regimen and diet.  Even during the processing time, I can’t stay at my mac all day to process.  I have to go to the gym or go run and come back.

So as I asked earlier, to all you photographers out there, how do you maintain a healthy lifestyle? Do you run daily?  Do Yoga?  etc.