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**I don’t hate nor am I a fan of the Rolling Stones. Just a FYI.**

I was going to see Slane Castle today!!!!

After watching the RHCP live at slane dvd plenty of time, I was sure to explore Slane! I saw the photograph that was aerially taken that was on the DVD sleeve and it looked massive! So I was prepared to go! Breakfast was eaten and off I was to the bus station in Dublin. The bus to Slane should be a short one, since it is a little out of the city.

At the bus station, it was pretty difficult looking for a place to sit.

The bus was here, twenty minutes later, and off I go to Slane.

When I got to Slane, the castle was closed. !@#!$!!!

They closed the castle for the Rolling Stones who weren’t set to play there for another couple days. 😦 ARGH!!!

Slane is actually a pretty small town, with the only novel thing there was the castle. Well in the middle of the city were four buildings that faced each other.

From Wikipedia:

The village centre, laid out as a model village by the Conynghams is a good example of 18th century town planning. At the centre of the village stands four near identical Georgian houses. The four houses stand at the intersection of the two main streets in the village. The four houses and four streets form an octagon. This feature is known as The Square. The two main streets in the village feature 18th century gray limestone buildings with slate roofs, oriel windows and stone steps and archways.[3] At present there is a comprehensive Village Development Plan in operation.[citation needed] In 2007 Meath County Council proposed that both Slane village and the mill be recognised as Architectural Conservation Areas and protected according.

The plaque in front stated it was homes of four witches who were in constant entanglement with each other. So to prevent any sneak attacks, they built their houses to face each other, always looking and observing each others’ movement and motives.

Nice. It’s like having brothers!! ha!

I went up the hill towards the grave and some shops which had a small selection of food and drinks. Really bummed out I went back to the bus stop to wait for the bus to come. My bus wouldn’t come back for another couple hours, however, this other bus passed by and stopped to pick up a passenger. I walked in asking if I could get a ride to Dublin now, since the bue Eire Ann wouldn’t be coming for another 2 hours and the bus driver said it was fine. What made it even better was that he said that I didn’t need to pay! OMG! I was astounded and very happy!

I was dropped off with everyone else at the bus station and I gave my warm thanks to the bus driver again for letting me on board!

Still happy, I went on a souvenir shopping spree. I went back to the northern part Connolly street in Dublin and did some shopping. I bought Vincent a cool t shirt that said, “Don’t Blame me! The Leprechaun made me do it!” and some more post cards.

On the way I saw more musicians playing outside for us to listen! It was great!

I already had a rock for Vincent, taken from the Cliffs of Moher, well I that I found on the regular trails. A hat for Eric, a sweater for my mom, and other assorted stuff. Since I did all my Dublin photographing when I was here earlier, I mainly went to do some shopping and eating.

heh heh… I am a unknown shopaholic. Well sort of, I am just glad that I kept my money in check here cause I would have been spending a lot!

By night fall I went back to the Hsu’s to eat dinner and go to sleep. I am going to go to Howth tomorrow.

Bloody Rolling Stones! Wasting my day in Slane!!