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Firstly, Happy New Year, everyone!!  A Big thanks to everyone who aided me in developing my career, clients and Pat.  Without you all, I would probably be traveling around the world looking for money.  Wait…

In any case….

Wow!  What a year this was!  The global markets were still in turmoil, Barack Obama took office after a landslide election, the crazy bankers still gave huge sums of bonuses to their bosses, …

But for me on a personal note, it was a great year!  Aside from worrying about my day job, haha!  I got a grasp of engagement, weddings, and boudoir sessions, went to Italy and then to Florida.

Best of 2009s:

I am getting closer to having my travel photography exhibit like I planned to do way way long ago.  I have been and will continue to blog the travel journal entries to be a supplement to the photographs that will be in display along with the photo books and post card sized photographs.

I know where I want to host it, by work, haha!  I just need to get all the materials done.  I am sure my write up proposal would work, along with a proof CD, however, I rather be ready with the actual prints (or Flots) and books ready for the viewers.


I am really looking forward to 2010.  Oddly.  Not just because I will be closer to being able to find an apartment closer to PU, my nascent business will be growing!  I have my own weddings to shoot, I will be traveling to Oregon [Or to Asia, if my bro + Sis in law, finalize the Asia journey], and I will soon be doing a 2010 recap!  how exciting!

I am especially, well I am sure a lot of Americans are as well, looking forward towards an economic recovery.  so that is something we are all really looking forward to.  *Fingers Crossed!*

Some of my New Years resolutions are: to grow my business exponentially, lose fat and gain more muscle, get better with my travel writing, get even better with wedding photography, and well be a better human being. 🙂