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Okay yesterday was a disappointment. I didn’t expect the Rolling Stones to be there and for them to close the entire castle for the concert. But today, instead, I am going to go to Howth. Second to last day in Ireland! Holy crap this was a fast adventure… sadly. I like where I work and all, but, I don’t want to leave Ireland!

Having already left the house and on my way to the DART station, I couldn’t help buy wonder where the time has gone. Will all journeys be like this? If so why don’t I travel more than two weeks?

The train station for DART was a little out of the way. I passed by all the hostels in Dublin, the bus station was a little south of the metro station, so it wasn’t that hard to find. It was a small light rail that leads towards the coast of Ireland. Howth happens to be the last stop. D’oh!

It was a bumpy trip, but I finally made it to Howth. At first I had no idea where I wanted to go! Even though I read through the lonely planet book last night, I guess all the ideas went out the ears.

But as I meandered around I found a park and a pier with a bunch of fisheries. It was an interesting photo opportunity, but me being a vegetarian, I wanted to get going. As I went north, I took a right turn and walked into a golf course.

I don’t know golf lingo but I heard: “FORE!”

A golf ball whizzed by my face.

Uh oh!

“Hey, off the course!”

Oh this was definitely a golf course! I got to the edge where I asked these ladies, whom were playing, and asked them which way back to the main road.

Okay so taking that right was not such a good idea.. so I went back towards the main road and went back around. I found an interesting cathedral, which was closed. Pity. So I went back around the main road all the way to the top of the city when I saw this huge sign about a trail!


It was a trail on the coast with a pretty steep cliff. And no fence or border! Sweet! Only that if I trip, down I go. Stick to the hilly side of the trail or go tumbling down… hmmm..

This nice elderly couple took this photo of me! 😀

I must have hiked that trail two times back and forth! It was that gorgeous and that much fun! It was a great day to be out in Howth! But time was running short and I went back down towards the shore and pier to do some shooting before I left back for Dublin.