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The city where Snow Patrol is from, Van Morrison, and many other awesome musicians. Belfast. Capital city of Northern Ireland. Hmmm…

Amy and Johnny, I keep having a hard time calling him Johnny.. they and their friend wanted to do some home made videos about the troubles in Northern Ireland and how they were taking this new peace. I thought it was an interesting idea, but I personally wanted to explore. Sure I sticking around and listening to them talk would have been interesting especially in terms of a wholesome travel experience, but there was photos to be shot here!

Thinking it would be a long trip, I fell asleep only to arrive there in an hour.

Ireland is really a drivable country. Though I would probably prefer hiking it instead.

We picked up another one of their friends, Christopher. A tall, skinny red headed dude. He was a really nice guy! I was dropped off near centre city while they went to look for a place to park and start their interviewing. It was a real stark difference coming up here. I had to get some pounds and my calling cards didn’t work up here. I thought I could make it to the Giant’s Causeway and back here in time, but I soon found out that last bus towards it left twenty minutes ago.

It would have been back in Belfast by 6, when I would meet Amy and Johnny. Darn! oh well, the architecture around here looks mighty interesting to photograph!

After exploring, the clock turned to 5 and I had to get back to centre city and meet them at the mall. I really didn’t do much other than explore and photograph whatever I saw. So I went into the mall and did some shopping and coffee tasting.

Four pounds for a cup of mocha?! This is highway robbery!!

Mmm.. four pound mocha...

Four pounds freer, I finished my mocha, I met up with Amy, Johnny, Chris, and this lady, who’s name I have forgot. Their goal was not accomplished, no one in Belfast wanted to explain how they felt while being recorded. Which was understandable.

Well we loaded up the car and went back towards Dublin. Chris was a really nice guy! He told me when I come back to Ireland, I could stay with him! Sweet! I really want to explore North Ireland next!

Too bad on the way back, after dropping Chris off, we got stuck in traffic heading back to Dublin. The Rolling Stones attack again. Everyone was heading towards Slane for the concert. Grrrr! Darn those old farts!!!

Two hours later, I was back at their house and preparing my gear for tomorrow. AHHHHHHH!!! I HAD TO LEAVE!! I’d make an alibi, but my bank account would hate me.