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I had to wake up. My flight was leaving at 8 and Amy had to go straight to work afterwards.

Well everything has to end. Or so they say! I was plotting my return since I landed! ho ho ho! In any case, I said my byes to everyone who was still there and went with Amy to the airport.

“Amy, thank you and your family again for letting me stay with you while I was in Ireland! I really appreciate it!”

“Oh it is no problem at all, Ted. Did you have a good time?”

“Are you kidding me? Of course I did! I loved coming here! Loved every minute!”

I wasn’t kidding or saying it lightly at all! It was the best journey ever! Well, even though its setbacks and I didn’t really have other journeys to compare it to other than Thailand..

The flight back to the US was trouble free! It wasn’t till I landed back into chicago when the trouble began.

There was bad storm in North New Jersey, causing Newark to not let flights in. So, there I was, stranded at Chicago’s O Hare airport.

“Ted, this is why you should have stayed and lived in Ireland…”

Oh how I would have loved to! I am sure this is telling me I shouldn’t have ever came back!

So I waited in line for an hour to talk to the American Airlines attendant. Argh! I had to be at work tomorrow at 8 am! I really should have put in another vacation day…

When I finally got to the attendant, it was either fly to La Guardia in an hour or wait till tomorrow to go home. La Guardia! I called my friend Giovanni letting him know of the change. Argh. The original plan was for me to land in EWR (Newark) and him picking me up there at 6 pm.

I boarded the plane to La Guardia and it was immensely packed! Like sardines I have to add! I was stuck at the window two fairly large guys next to me. Hooray.

I landed in La Guardia, squished and eyes dry and red. Must.Get.out!!

The thing now was getting home. Giovanni suggested that I take the NJ Transit to 30th street station. But there was a mishap near the train station, that the shuttle bus wouldn’t even go near there ….

Unless we paid the bus driver some more money. What.The.Heck??

I stayed on the bus and he dropped us off at the station, like he was supposed to, but did not bother to tip or give any extra money to him. But what made things worse going home was that the NJ Transit’s train door was broken! This was at 1:20 am!!


The train finally started to leave… at 2:20 AM. I called Giovanni letting him know of the new delay.

By 3 am, Giovanni was at the station and dropped me off home.


Argh all those transit problems coming home!