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There was a weekly discussion at dgrin.com, where one of the discussion primers, among its inquiries, was whether or not we have a studio.

Would I ever choose to get a studio down the line?

The positives that I see from that is that I would be very profitable and that it gives a great space to set up a personal gallery and walk in viewers.

But, that would mean that I would have practically settle down in one area.  Being that I love to travel, often frequently, it would be impractical.  I have no issue bringing materials and meeting clients at a Starbucks (or any other nice place to drink coffee and chat).

It was an interesting question.  And it will be something that I will be thinking about for a while.  At the moment, I see having a personal physical studio to be a bit impractical since I really don’t do any “studio” work.

And I would need to find a place where I would call my “home” for quite a while.  I love Princeton, don’t get me wrong.  But with my fleeting heart, I could find myself wanting to live somewhere else.  So it would also require me to never want to move.

Then there is the thought of renting.  Sure I wouldn’t be held down like actually owning it, but then there is the issue of is it really in my shooting scope to be in a studio?

Who knows maybe when I am forty I might forget this post and get a studio or, rather, a gallery.