Back in Rutgers, I took a whole slew of courses on culture, personality, and social norms that it really did make a big impact on my career goals.  The reasons why I tried my best to get into graduate school.  Here is one of my old papers, though probably not written as well as I would hope as of today, but I enjoyed it nevertheless.

Raymond Cattell once remarked that music was so powerful the effect that it was surprising that there was little research done on it.  He said that during the 1950’s, when there was little research done on music and its effects on human emotions and beliefs.  However today, more research has been done on music’s effect on emotions, physiological change, behaviors, and personality types.  Our musical preferences could be a key towards the study of our personality traits.

I had so much fun researching this idea of being able to tell about personality types from music genres.  Sure my paper had its errors in that it wasn’t specifically on tangent- it drifted around topics of psychophysiology to development in adolescence.  Well I think they all play a hand in every field of psychology, still it wasn’t entirely focused on personality, until midway through the paper.  I also think, today, that I really should have, and could have, elaborated on the facts better to create an even more cohesive research idea.

The actual process of writing this research was, just simply great.  Me being a giant bookworm, I scoured the journals, books, and articles for this idea.  It was really fun. Plus I love to highlight in my papers, so my printed articles were colored with fluorescent colors.  Maybe that was the whole reason..

Hanging out at Starbucks till 8 pm at Rutgers Campus Center or working on this instead of work (I used to work at a retail store during college) I was really focused.  I would carry around this huge stack of articles that supported my ideas and just plunker around with, trying to play with the ideas that would come to me as I read and highlighted the information.

Looking back on this today, I am still full of joy of what I did and know that I could possible pick this back up again.  But I enjoy photography and traveling too much these days for me to go back to graduate school.  Sure I am not in one of my much sought after graduate school program, reading, interpreting, and creating new ideas, but I am investigating my ideas in a different fashion.  I just I hope I can interpret them into text form better!

Oh I got an A on the paper!  🙂  Though I would have accepted it being under an A, since, quite frankly it could have been way better…  I’ll take the A. ha!

Edit:  It is pretty stupid to post the entire paper.  haha!