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Eric left early in the morning to get our tickets into Disneyland. Ann, Vincent, and I ate some Honey Nut Cheerios and Honey Bunches of Oats with strawberries for breakfast before we left to meet up with Eric.

We met up with Eric and got our tickets. Then took our fifteen minute stroll to the park, where we met many families going to Disney for their children. After going through the baggage check, Vincent’s face was beaming with a huge smile!

He was really happy to be in Disneyland. Our first ride was this Buzz Light Year one where you have to shoot these targets. Vincent covered his eyes because it was dark inside, we went in thinking that Vincent would enjoy it. Well, I think he liked it at the end when we left the dark tunnel. We didn’t stay there long though, we rushed straight to Space Mountain. What was supposed to be an hour wait was a doable forty minute wait.

Sitting next to Vincent, I kept my arm around his neck and head so that the kickbacks from the ride wouldn’t knock his head back into the hard head rest behind us. This time even with the dark, Vincent enjoyed this ride! But what he enjoyed even more was going to Autotopia! A big go-kart ride with stalling go-karts! It was a short course, but then again with the lines of people waiting it is understandable for the short go-kart course.

When lunch time came, we went to one of the dining areas in the park and ordered a mac and cheese dish for Vincent. two pizzas, and one veggie burger. The price wasn’t too terrible for a theme park meal. The food wasn’t that great, but what theme park food was ever good? Well that was affordable.

We went on this carousel and around the park till 2:40 pm when we decided to head back to our hotel room for a break. We slept for two hours before heading back to Adventure California, to take one ride. Aviation, which was really awesome and Vincent really enjoyed it. It was a basically a huge imax theater with the seats rising into the air to give you the feeling that you were flying.

It was a really slick visual to watch!

When we left the theater ride, we tried to find Lightning McQueen for Vincent. But since we had a deadline to get back into the main park we couldn’t spend that much time to look.

When night fell, we went on this bobsled ride which was fast but wasn’t that great. The only interesting part was the huge abominable snowman that made Vincent open his eyes a bit, since he clenched his eyes shut from the ride. Since we are good with timing, once we left this ride we ended the day with a Finding Nemo ride before we went back to our hotel room.