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I left in the morning to take my father to this massage parlor, if we were in Japan I would say not those kind of parlors. I had to be dropped off at the Philadelphia airport for my flight to California. When I went through check in, I forgot my belt. Uh oh. So with the alarm going off, I looked at my belt and took it off and then went back through as told with no beep. But the TSA saw that I could be trouble took me aside, swabbed my gear, patted me down, and searched me. Do I state the obvious, “I didn’t beep after I took my belt off. Is this really necessary?” any potentially get into trouble or do I just stay silent and just let them continue?

With that over with, I went to my terminal to wait for my flight with Southwest airlines. I was reading on CNN.com that the airlines are planning to add additional fees for food and drinks that they serve to make up for some of the rising costs of fuel. I was afraid. No more free coffee in the air!!


I boarded the plane in fear. Fear of losing free coffee. But after we took off, the flight attendants came by giving us FREE COFFEE!! WAH HOOO!

Thank goodness! So where did the journalist from CNN get that? Were those fees put onto other airlines? In any case, happily caffeinated I finished the first book I brought with me, “Art of Travel” and I thought it was pretty good! Either I was pretty enthralled by the book or we landed 15 minutes earlier than our supposed landing in Chicago.

While waiting for my flight to LA, I ate most of the food that I brought with me- three sandwiches, two apples, a bag of baby carrots, and a platter of sushi. Mmm… I was devouring this.

Flying my way to LA, I read through the other book that I brought with me, “The Tourist” The Art of Travel was more like literature to read, but The Tourist examined traveling and tourists in a sociological perspective. It was everything that I expected from a sociological text, verbose. As I finished the book, I was brought back into reality harshly. The man next to me kept on putting his arm further than the divider. Uncomfortable! I was on the aisle seat too.

“Hey bud, I guess we are in a tight plane, huh?”

He moved his traveling arm back to his side of the seats. He smelled full of cigarettes too! Argh!

When I finally landed in LAX, Eric, Ann, and Vincent landed 30 minutes before me, giving Eric a call he told me to meet them at the Budget car rental office. I have to say that I enjoyed my flight! Not only did I arrive early, I did not lose my luggage, or get slapped with additional fees! Of course the situation with the TSA was really lame.

When I met Ann and Vincent, Eric was inside waiting in line to pick up a car. When I saw Ann and Vincent I said hi! And then went inside to use the bathroom and… the line was really long!

Eric must have been in line for a while! I missed some Xs which represent people that lined the walls, but this just gives you an idea.

Eric, Ann, and Vincent brought a lot of stuff! I brought my camera gear, my duffel bag of clothes, and a tent. While I waited with the gear, Ann and Vincent went inside so they could go to the bathroom since they were waiting out there for me while Eric was in line for the car. When we finally got our Maroon Ford Taurus, we packed the car. And when I said packed, I mean it! the trunk was filled the brim and inside next to Vincent was our backpacks!

Eric and I took notes and photos of all the dings, scratches, and bumps on the car before we took it off the lot.

We were going to Anaheim for two nights, staying at Quality In. Along the way we went to Little Saigon for lunch and to grab food for the day out at Disneyland. At this Vegan Vietnamese restaurant I had a lemon grass tofu dish, Eric had a hot pot, and Ann and Vincent shared a noodle soup dish. Vincent being Vincent was pretty picky with his food, so as the hot pot of food came out so did my camera shooting away at my picky nephew!

When we finished our meal, the owners seeing that was taking photographs, showed me a photography book from a Vietnamese photographer. It was really sweet! Made us all one to go to Vietnam to visit. Afterwards it was Boba tea time!! Too bad I had to withdraw forty dollars from my bank account since I only had my debit and credit card on me and none of the shops took credit cards. uh oh.

I got into trouble taking photos of my nephew in this yogurt place..

Our hotel room was pretty cramped. Probably cause there were four of us in it, well three and a half to be more accurate. Vincent’s not that big, though he is growing a little too fast! When we set our gear down, Vincent and I grabbed our swimming trunks to go for a swim! The water was freaking cold!

Eric came down a little later to join in the fun until Vincent’s lips started to turn a light purple from the cold.

We ended the day eating dinner and going to bed because we were going to Disneyland tomorrow.