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Today being our intermission day, we were to go to Carlsbad to rest. But before that we had to go to Little Saigon for some shakes and last minute eats! Having bought a Strawberry Colada with boba pearls, Eric had a weird potion and Ann got a creamy flavor shake and Vincent had all of ours at once. Vincent enjoyed my drink so much he clutched it in his hand as if it were his…

Staying at a Ramada Inn in Carlsbad, California, we had access to a pool and a jacuzzi! So while Ann, Eric, and Vincent went into the hotel room, I went out for a walk.

I plopped down on the thick thicket of grass to take some photographs with my wide angle. I walked across the street to the shopping center to look around, but it was mainly retail stores. hmm.. to shop or go back to the hotel…

When I returned, Vincent was upset with me that I didn’t take him with me. There was nothing to see, I told him. But he was still upset with me.

For dinner we went to this Mexican restaurant to devour these huge burritos! They were like three inches in diameter- filled with black beans, cheese, veggies, guacamole, tomatoes, and other goodies. After a period of devouring, I ordered a quesadilla to help finish up the dinner. hehe!

To top this off, for dessert we went to a serve yourself frozen yogurt place, which was so much better than the Yogurt Passion place that I got in trouble with for photographing Vincent inside.