So I watched a movie last night.  No not Avatar, though I really need to watch that one soon.  In 3D.  I saw …

{Photo is not mine}

I watched Yes Man.  I was just flipping through the channels, and saw Jim Carrey and left the channel on longer than I would normally have.  Two hours later, I have to say that I enjoyed the movie!  Seizing the opportunities and genuinely saying yes to things were, probably, its main messages.  Well the romantic comedy parts were kinda funny, but I think I cared more about the message more.

So I began to think about my own life, no I am not gonna go on a drama boat, or oh snap message, at least I hope I won’t.  I think, for a while now, I have been settling for what I have.  Traveling has been one of the few things that have shaken things up in my life for the better.  Now with having my own photography business, it has been shaken up a tad more.  But I still feel complacent.

I have probably said this out of jest, moving out to Seattle, or somewhere in the Pacific Northwest.  But now I have been thinking, maybe moving all the way to the Pacific North West, in Seattle or somewhere in the woods of Oregon might be what I need to keep my life in constant shaking.  Eric and Ann might just say get a girlfriend, but hmmm.. uhmm…. that isn’t the shaking up that I am thinking about.

I am going to give myself two to three years before the actual move.  Need to complete some weddings and saving up the funds to be able to.  There are obviously things I will have to look into to be successful out there.  The possibility of actually failing with the wedding photography business is very real, just like it is here.  How much the cost of living is out there, the state sales tax is pretty high!  Cost of renting an apartment.  These are all things I will have to consider before doing so.

Maybe I am just thinking out of my … other end….