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While there is nothing like photographing elements like this at weddings:

But I just love doing this for pre-traveling warm ups.  Flying Lotus

Though I am not very fond the increased security at airports.  Zap me!

Well with all that said, I am a restless soul in need of a lot of wanderlust.  I have no direction when I am traveling in a city.  I just waste time walking and looking at every nook and cranny of a foreign city.  Of course I would try to meander my way towards the must see major sights, but there is so much more to see and eat than the must sees.  Food at tourist spots is seriously expensive for a small and most likely miniaturized portion.

I usually wait till I get lost meandering some odd back route to find somewhere to eat. That is usually where to find the best tasting and priced food in cities like Rome.  Just check out the back roads and you will most likely find greatly priced and delectable food.

If I didn’t, for example, I wouldn’t have gotten this photograph:

The risotto I had there was … oh.my.god. That was how good it was.  I need to redo my Italy photographs to change the watermark…