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I am sure everyone has heard of the iPad at this moment.  It looks real cool and its uses are … both useful and limiting in regards to wedding + business related photography and travel, respectively.  Here are some links to elaborate on and a joke. haha!

Thoughts for travel

Jokes on the name

For weddings and business related items, it looks great for an electronic portfolio, along with the high quality prints of course and portable office book keeper.  But in terms of traveling, it sucks.  Honestly. There is no where to store photographs, blogging on a QWERTY keyboard is a real pain regardless of size, and it isn’t exactly portable.

Would I got one mainly for the business side of things?  Maybe.  Knowing Apple, they will fix and improve on it in the 2nd or 3rd gen.  I am not an early adopter.  Well other than for the 5D mk II, I am not. ha!

This just means I am going to have to add this to the maybe purchase pile.  What is definite is that I am going to buy a netbook.