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This is probably one of the best travel entries I have read lately, I really don’t have a plan, linked from Lonely Planet.

Whenever I “plan” an adventure, I am bound to be asked, “do I know what I want to see or where I want to go?”  The answer is always a tentative I think so.  Actually I don’t! haha!  I might choose the cities to map it out within my specific time frame, but other than that.  Plans?  I don’t plan!  I meander and get lost!

A great quote from the passage:

I’ve never been a planner. Other than personal and professional commitments, I have never tried to plan out my life, choosing instead to live by the philosophy “let’s see what I see.” Leading an unexpected life brings far greater rewards than if I stuck to a single path, where I’d miss out on so many wonderful surprises.

Amen!  And another:

But I really wanted her to see that Paris was so much more than the list of “Top 10 Paris Landmarks” that many tourists seem to carry with them. I wanted this woman to get a sense of Paris. To soak it up and let the city flow through her lungs and her veins. But with just two days at her disposal, I needed to find a way to compress that particular experience. So I sent her to the Marais. “Grab a falafel on the rue de Rosiers and then just wander around,” I suggested. “One day in the Marais reveals the Jewish quarter, the Village St-Paul, the Place des Vosges, a free museum (the Carnavalet) and the Musée Picasso. But even without a map or a plan, you’ll discover so many wonderful treasures that are the real Paris. Sit in the little park and watch the neighborhood kids play. Eat at a restaurant that doesn’t offer an English menu, because that’s where Parisians eat. If it’s a nice day, cross the Seine to the Ile Saint-Louis, buy a sandwich and drink from the local boulanger and have yourself a little lunch picnic on a bench down by the river. This is the real Paris.”

Wandering around and getting meaningfully lost is one of the best way to get a good feel of a place.  Maybe saying meaningfully lost is almost like an oxymoron, but as cliche as it is, getting off the beaten path yields humanity- the grit, the feel, and humanism you immerse into, other than the tourist spots with small meals that are in the double digits.

Ahhh the wanderlust and meandering lifestyle.  We are nothing but drifters… haha!