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A funny statement that I hear around when comparing camera systems is. “What did world class painters like Caravaggio (or more famously used Picasso) use for paintbrushes?”  hinting that it is not the tools they used to elaborate their artistic vision.  While it is true they could use any brush they want from any maker, they would usually use quality brushes.  Think about it.  The makers of the artists’ tools, back then, did not mass produce so they took their time and made quality brushes.  I used to paint, I used both pricey and cheap brushes, and I know for a fact that the cheap brushes leave a whole ton of bristles in my paintings which are really a pain in the ass.  Artists like Caravaggio, they sweat the details and most likely have OCD that if a bristle breaks off into the painting they get kinda peeved.

The take home story here?  Sure you don’t need top cameras like the 1D mk IV or the D3s and killer lenses, to create sweet photographs, but it sure as heck makes it less stressful.