Back in college, Ken, my photography instructor would tell us to wear our camera straps.  I was pretty against that for fear of this:

Yes that is me.  At Yosemite, photo was taken by my sister in law.  I just had to load up on the cameras just for this very sake of … looking like a stereotypical Asian tourist.

In any case, back in Rutgers (you’ll probably note I am wearing my Princeton shirt, while I went to Rutgers U.  I like the orange color), I was telling Ken, heck no! Towards wearing a camera strap.  Asian + Camera with strap = stereotype! haha!  All I could think at that time was a horde of tourists being led by a tour guide around NYC/Philly/etc with cameras pointed everywhere with the strap around their necks.  My dad does that too, I have to admit, and I think….. I do…. this still… while traveling.  ahhhhhhh!!!!

I am not sure why I just remembered this quirky tale, but I did and I am rolling around laughing at it.  But after several tumbles in Ireland, I learned that the camera strap means the camera isn’t going to take a tumble.

I do use my regular camera strap along with my black rapid strap without fear of the Asian stereotype. 😉