I am glad I saw this post on FB from Gary Fong: True Photo Talk.

It was both refreshing and thought provoking to read this.  Though the said “rock star” photographers are not those that I follow nor care much about, it makes me step back and think about my own work and vision.

A couple things I don’t want to do is- 1.) become a rockstar and 2.) offer workshops.  But if people want to hang out with me and have “shoot outs” I am all for it!  Or want to grab a cup of coffee together, too.  Part of being a photographer is being able to connect with other people, both, personally and emotionally.  Why should there be a price tag to that?

I have am still one of those fresh “newbs”., but even I can tell that offering workshops and being a “rock star” is not the path I want for myself or my small business.  All of the comments on the post were spot on and thought provoking.   One of the things, about workshops, that I did get out from reading this entry- was to do my research on the said photog, his/her work, and how much the said photog earns his income on pure Photography income.

While I didn’t have the fancy of getting formally trained in photography from huge schools of the craft like Brooks, I did minor in it at Rutgers, just like my bio states, I continued to pursue photography while pursuing psychology for the proposed idea of graduate school.  I guess that should amount to something.

Anyhoo, it is a really good read.  I want to stay in this lifestyle till I kick the bucket, so I know there are still a whole lot of things that I need to learn to improve myself and my work.