I photographed a killer wedding with Pat Furey {thanks for letting me tag along, Pat!} last Saturday.  But, as the day went on, I decided to myself that I am going to register to take the TEFL to get certified to teach English in a foreign country.  Please note that this will not affect any of this year’s weddings, but depending if I get it – it will probably effect next years, 2011.  Mainly July onwards.  First of all, I am not quitting wedding photography, but as I see and photograph more weddings, I realize that my own time is incredibly precious and passing by faster than I would ever want.  The constant feeling and need to experience as much of the world finally took its toll.  I have actually dwelled, as implied in my travel entries, that I need to travel and yearn to live in Ireland and/or Italy ( 😀 ) for a very long time.  So this was a long time decision.

But the point of this entry was for me to generate a list of what I want to accomplish.  Either before I turn the big 3 – 0{I have two and a half more years till}, or kick the bucket.  Psychologists suggest, for planning goals, is to make short term goals that will lead towards the long term goals.

The list:

  • Live in Tuscany, Italy
  • Live in Killarney, Ireland
  • Travel all over without looking back
  • Publish written and photographic work
  • Learn Vietnamese {Sorry mom and dad, for not knowing how, but I will}
  • Bench a clean 405 lbs

This is my to do list thus far.  Whether or not I will accomplish majority of them is up in the air.  It’s time for me to register for the TEFL, as working in Italy is one of the best ways to immerse myself into that country and culture, especially being that I am not ridiculously rich.