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Erik & Nancy- musicians, legendary students, lovers, and awesome, packed into a sweet package.

Saturday was a mix of overcast clouds, wind, and two kids practicing their brass instruments on Nassau street in Princeton, where I met up with Nancy, Erik, and Amy (Nancy’s sister.)  I was really excited to shoot a session on campus, as there was quite a lot of things that we were able to do and use for this session!  I picked up a bouquet from Viburnum flowers to add some small details into their really awesome engagement session!

Their story of how they met was pretty cool too!  I’ll just say coffee does wonders- it gives us perks and caffeine and, in this case, brings two people together!

Some, or a lot, of highlights from the session!

What fun!  There was literally too many for me to choose from!  Thanks, Amy, for holding my flash, and big thanks to Erik and Nancy for the good times!  See you in June!

p.s., Princeton > Yale.