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Verona, Italy

I dropped my parents off at the airport for their flight to Atlanta early this morning before I turned into work.  So on my way back towards 295 N, U2’s “all I want is you” comes on the cd…

Back in 2007, when I was in my first full year working at PU, I met a girl.  Yep.  It is one of those blog entries.  She was working at Starbucks as a barista after finishing her music degree from Westminister Choir college.   I tend, as I mentioned in earlier blogs, have my songs on repeat and thus associate songs with things that I have and am experiencing.  So at the time of meeting Laura, the girl from Starbucks, I had “All I want is you” playing.  It was because of my, at the time, creative zen’s random playlist.

I would see her nearly every morning, I would say hi and have some brief conversations with her, to eventually wanting to ask her out for some lunch.  But.  I am a pretty reserved and shy individual, though I can and do laugh it up a lot.  Day and day out we would chat, the morning pleasantries, nothing too deep.  Which then evolved to daily jovial laughs and chats and when I came back from Ireland, I finally did ask her out for some lunch… in a nervous kinda way. She replied that she would think about it.

Fast forward to today, she ended up starting her career and left Starbucks a little while after.  Though a tad saddened, that she was leaving and, obviously, the lack of a reply, I let the lost feelings  go, and in turn was happy that she was on her way.

Now, still single and happy, but now turning mistakes and losses into lessons, I have been living my life seizing the day.  I do now ask girls out for lunch after some conversations and have been meeting some interesting people.  My adventures and photography, in turn, have increased since.

I am not writing a passive – aggressive piece, just so we are clear, just an entry that reinforces the notion of seizing the day, as this is a really short one.  And not sucking up the nervousness fast enough, in my case, made me lose out on a possibly good friend.

Simply put in two words: Carpe Diem.