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I woke up at 6 AM, to finish editing the photographs I took yesterday.  By the time I finished it was about 9 AM, where I had it and went down to the market to buy some food for breakfast.  I went down to the market when I saw a huge iguana!  But it crossed the street and in slow motion I saw a truck run over it without any remorse.  I was traumatized!  The Iguana’s organs came out and it kept on going.  I was so scared…well saddened really.  I can’t believe it.  The driver saw the iguana in the road and didn’t even slow down.  He just kept on going.  For fuck’s sake!

rest in peace.

Back to humility and humanity I went to the market to buy some mac and cheese, corn chex, and the rice milk.  A total of $13.40.  Aye.

Meanwhile I couldn’t think of anything else other than the ran over iguana.  So sad!

I got back to the villa to eat and make the mac and cheese.  Pat didn’t wake up till 10:40 AM, and by that time it was time to get ready to go to Trunk Bay.  Bringing only cash in ziplock bags, towels, and a bottle of sunscreen we headed towards center city to get a taxi to Trunk Bay.

Another long, windy, and bumpy ride.  It was cool!

Trunk bay requires you to pay a $4 fee to get in.  It was a pretty gorgeous beach to relax in, but it wasn’t as exotic as I was imagining.  I guess now a girlfriend would be nice to be with…

This was the bay that Joe and Alyssa were going to get married at.  We went to rent snorkeling gear, forking over $30 each for the rentals.  Back onto the beach we donned on the gear we went straight into the water.  This was the cleanest, but saltiest water that I have ever been in!  I am talking seriously salty.  When I attempted to head towards the huge rock in the water, water leaked into my gear and I swallowed some of the water.

On my return trip back to the shoreline to adjust my goggles, the thing snapped and broke.

……………………………………………… AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Back to the clerk it was to exchange them.  Argh, I sure hope I don’t have to pay for a replacement.

I took the much better pair back in adjusted them the right way this time.  This time it was smooth swimming!  I swam back to the rock and the reefs, scoping out the life living in the water when I pulled my right calf muscle.  Damn it!

The pain was horrible.  Since I couldn’t stop and stand there, as I would have crushed some reef, I swam back using just my arms.  Not that big of a problems swimming with just my legs, I was loosing up my right calf by doing some light stretches.  Argh.

Pat swam back telling me about the rainbow fish that he saw.  Rested up a bit and leg feeling better I swam back.  Only this time the goggles were filling up with seawater.  As you can probably tell, the salt water was a killer to the eyes. Haha!

So after some snorkeling around I went back to relax and release the water from my goggles so that I could see again in the left eye.  We left the waters to dry up and return our gear.

We found a taxi driver waiting there, but he was having an interesting conversation with another driver asking him to bring more people to him since it was just the two of us.  About a half an hour later, he told us to just go with George, the person he was talking to.  We should have just done that from the start.

When we got back to the villa, I rinsed off and got ready to go back to look for food.  The first place we looked was Cactus, next door to Banana dock, but since it was closed we left.  I couldn’t believe restaurants didn’t open here till past 5 pm.

So we continued to walk, until we heard someone yell out, “TWO DOLLAR BEERS!”  So we walked to the booth and bought our beers and myself an enchilada as well.  The dude behind us was grinning wildly, which was to be expected after drinking a jug of sangria.  I was cracking up!  I love this guy and his gf and friend!  Totally hilarious!  It was Noah, his girlfriend B, and Cassandra.  Noah and B were from Seattle, but I didn’t get where Cassandra was from.  This was cool, I have met people and can probably hang out with them when I go to Seattle!

Noah has the life of the party personality, he along with his cohorts were getting people to buy the $2 beers.  It was wild.

My enchilada was out and it was delicious!  It was a tortilla wrapped over ricotta cheese.  On top was a mix of cheddar and mozzarella cheese with salsa.  It was amazing.

Another group, or Noah’s victims, stopped and bought beers.  After I devoured my enchilada, I went back up with the crowd to get a margarita and burrito.  Sarah and Brian joined our table.  A couple from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Brian had a young lawyer convention to attend here.  I think that is what Noah and B, and Cassandra were doing here.

Really cool!  I made a bad mistake at this point.  I would have wrote on a paper, but I didn’t have a pen with me.  I gave Noah and Cassandra my business card so I could connect with them and stay in touch.  Typically 2nd shooters aren’t to pass out their business info, but I had no other option since I didn’t bring a pen with me.  L  They didn’t look like they had pens with them either.   Aye.

After consuming our meal and drinks, we went back to the villa to digest and rest up.  It felt so good to have food in my stomach after about a day and a half without!

Around 6 pm, we went back out to look for dinner.  Pat was hungry, but I was doing alright with my huge meal.  Well… my stomach was saying otherwise, I had the case of diarrhea.  Argh!

We went back to Cactus and after we were sat down, I immediately went to the bathroom to take a crap.

By the time I finished, Pat told me the waitress was serving us drinks.  She came back and gave me a mango beer.  She was quite hot.  But I don’t think she liked me.  It wasn’t like I was flirting, unless a smile is a sign of concern…

The food was in huge proportions!  It was totally delicious!  What a dinner.  So good that it costed us $61.  Doh!

We ended the night purchasing a gallon of water at $1.50 each.