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I woke up at 6 AM, again, to transcribe my journal entries to my computer so I can just cut and paste them into my blog.  With the previous days’ photographs already edited and web ready I just need to upload them.  This makes it a lot easier, well slightly faster, to get to the wedding photographs edited and uploaded.

I went to the market place at 9 am to pick up some groceries- tomato sauce, some noodles, and bananas for $10.13.  Everything in this island is expensive.  Aye.

When I got back to the villa, I made some spaghetti and kept on working on the blog entries and the leftover photographs.  When Pat woke up it was 10:16 am.  We thought we would hike some trails, but as the wedding was tomorrow, it was best to just relax and stock up on body energy since we will be expending it all tomorrow.

By this time, I also finished reading “Too Much Tuscan Sun” by Dario Castagno.  It was a enjoyable read and quite funny, but from the preface he writes that he wants to give a real account of the life and lifestyles of the native Tuscans in the Chianti region.  Especially after how many books, like Frances Maye’s Under the Tuscan Sun, really drove people to visit and buy up old houses in the Chianti region.

As I read through the book, it became clear to me that this book was more of an account of a tour guide’s venting with troublesome clients, apparently mostly from America, and some good ones.  That’s it.  I was hoping for a real account of actual lives, not some tour guide spouting off on the nice and crappy clients he had to guide.

Anyway, Pat and I chatted a bit and went off to the pool to drink, cool off, and chat.  We spoke about food preferences, we both like Mexican food!, and a little bit about the business.  I decided that I am going to sell the 30D as  soon as I can, so I can buy the 7D.  Wah hoo!  Hopefully I can get $350 for the 30D.  Even though it is pretty old, but still shoots fine!

Heading out of the pool, we dried up and went back to that hole in the wall place to get some lunch.  Zack wasn’t there, who makes the best enchiladas, but was his partner in crime.  The food was … good, not phenomenal like yesterday’s.

We went back to the villa to chill out some more.  It turns out that we do have to go to the rehearsal dinner.  Free food!

Relaxing a little bit more, the sun became even more harsh!  We went back to the pool to chill off.  Only this time without beers.  It was really nice getting out of the beating sun.

When it turned 5pm, we left the pool to get ready for the rehearsal dinner.  The gray storm clouds started to roll in which looked like trouble. It didn’t pour out, but it did drizzle a bit.  So we stashed our camera gear into my Domke bag- our 5D2s, 580 EX IIs, and my 135 in it.

Whew the bag was heavy!

When we headed down to the waterside bistro, there was just the bartenders and us.  We sat at the bar and ordered drinks.  Pat had a mojito [ I think ] and I had a Bistro Punch which was really awesome!  The bistro punch was like a tropical punch with a punch.  However, I didn’t feel any effects from the alcohol from it which was a very good thing.

Now, slowly, the wedding party meandered into the bistro.  We met some new people and greeted the previous ones that we have met already.  Alyssa and Joe finally came in and for the next few hours everyone just drank.  Open bars are such an awesome concept!

I told Joe about the noodle soups that they should try out in Vietnam- Pho, Bhum Rieu, and Bhum We.  But since food there is so cheap he can just try everything.

The actual rehearsal dinner wouldn’t start for another thirty minutes, but who cares?  This was an awesome time!

Mary came out and we started our 15 minute rehearsal.  Then it was done.  We had to stagger the party out as it was a pretty tight squeeze there and Joe will meet me at Dolphin Market at 10:45 am, Saturday to take me to where the dudes are hanging out.  Then Mary disappeared.

Dinner was on!!  It was a freaking riot!  Pat and I sat down next to Josh and Nicole, John and his wife, and two others.  Josh and Nicole felt like they were the life of the party couple.  But not saying they are crazy partiers as they were really nice people.  Josh helped me out with my food choices telling me what a confit is.  Confit is a cooking method.

When they were giving toasts, Josh goes up there and gives a really hilarious speech on how Joe’s family loves him by yelling at him, but he feels like a family member with them and for sure Alyssa’s parents will be annoyed at him.

Really hilarious!  I am really stoked and appreciative of Pat taking me along with him on this wedding.  For sure this will be the best and my most favorite wedding of all.  Even more so, Alyssa and Joe are just awesome people.  Pat was right, these two are the nicest clients anyone could get!

The food just rolled out.  My vegetarian dishes were amazing!

At the last course, Josh recounts an event that happened with his ex- with Andy, who was sitting behind me.  Andy is strategic with his steak so he divides his steak up so that there will be the last piece.  Kind of like Chouji.  So Josh’s ex just casually plucks it and eats it and Josh says shocked, “It was a mistake bringing you here.”  Hahahaha!  So Nicole planned out a joke to do the samething.  So she casually walked over to Andy and took his last piece or second to last piece of steak.  Haha!

Everyone was looking at her in bewilderment, unbeknown that it was a parody, so everyone’s ring leader recounted the tale to everyone at their table.

Freaking hilarious!

Dessert came, I had a pineapple turnover cake, but I couldn’t finish it.  It was so good!

After bidding our adieu’s for the night, Pat and I went back to our villa.  Going back was so difficult!  Not only was I carrying all our gear, we were so full!  I actually had to stop for breathers!

Once we got back, I took a shower, recharged my batteries, and transferred all my photos to my external hard drive.

When everything was all said and done I went to bed to prepare for the wedding on Saturday.