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Today was the day!  I woke up at my usual 6 am time to finish my journal entries and photo edits from the previous day.  Pat woke up earlier today and was pretty much ready.  Since he was shooting the girls getting ready, he had to leave earlier than me.  As for myself, I stayed at the villa till 10:20 am to head to Dolphin’s Market to wait for Joe.

Stashing my mac into my duffel bag in Pat’s closet, I was set to go.

Walking down to the market, I said bye to the iguana that was hissing at me and waited at the market with my gear- camera bags and lightstand.

“Hey, brother!”  Joe said as he pulled up with the jeep.  haha brother.

Before we headed off to the villa we had some errands.  First, buying $50 or so dollars worth of toilet paper, as there was one roll left at the reception place, pick up some sandwiches, drop off some trash, and do an early morning check in.  Wow!  $50 or so dollars worth of toilet paper!  We went next to a deli, which, coincidentally was right next to the salon where Alyssa and the girls were getting ready.  So Joe and I rushed into the deli to pick up the food so we wouldn’t be spotted …

Well, Joe’s mom and sister is alright for seeing us enter.  They were chilling inside after ordering something to munch on.  Two platters of sandwiches, two cases of pasta salads, and cookies later we got our grub and left so to not stay here too long.  I am not going to mention the price for all the food.  wow..

The last two stops were dropping off the trash and doing an early morning check in at the Westin Villas.  They do not have trash picks up here so instead we had to drive the trash to the nearest dumpster to toss them in.  Luckily there was a dumpster on the way to Westin Villa and I saw my first gas station here!

I thought the hills to my villa were rough…

The first hills to the Westin were about the same as the hills to Pat’s and my villa, but after we checked in, Joe drove us to the reception villa.  The hills and inclines were atrocious!  At the apex was a steep incline so you were climbing a hill upon a hill!  Holy crap!!  We slipped at every apex and pushed the pedal on the jeep at every turn.  It would be fun going down, one would think, but this was crazy!  I would hate to have to drag my gear up these hills!

Finally, we made it.

This place was…. gorgeous!  Oh.my.god.  Drop dead gorgeous!  It looked like a totally modern and contemporary design!  There was a pool outside of the dance area, steps going upstairs to rooms, overlooks over the bay, this villa was totally awesome!  Joe’s dad, Justin, Chris, and Mary, the wedding coordinator, were here already.  Joe was going in to get a massage first so I got to photograph that and some meandering photographs!  🙂  What a wicked place to have your reception at!  I was looking around for details and other spots.  The coordinator and planner had people getting the place ready.

I saw Justin snoozing on top of the roof and took some shots of him there.  hehe!

When Joe finally finished, it was time to start and end this truly legendary adventure with the best wedding ever.  Well a fresh new adventure for Alyssa and Joe.  Thank you so much for treating both Pat and I like we were family!  And thanks, Pat for letting me travel with you!  🙂

Thank you for such a wonderful time, for welcoming us into your lives!  Have fun in Vietnam and if you want recipes let me know!  🙂

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