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The first thing I did after coming back from Purgatory Chasm was to check out what I was going to do in Boston.  The first thing that came up in my google searches was the Freedom Trail.  It looked cool, from the web information and the subsequent photographs of the places.  So that would be my first thing to do when I go into Boston.  It looked like a cool hike to check out historical things in Boston.

Tuesday Morning, I woke up at 7 am, when Vincent woke up to get ready to go to school, and got myself ready to drive into Boston.  I thought I already missed rush hour by leaving at 8:30 am.  Boy was I wrong.  When I got near the end of i90 towards Boston, huge back up.  Everyone was trying to get through the toll booths and into the city.  So for an hour, I trudged along.

I thought rush hour was at 7 and ended at 8!  I should have just left at 10 am!

I did finally make it to Chinatown where I parked, luckily with an early bird special, at 9:57 am.  After all that traffic, I did get lucky with a $15 early bird parking special.  I didn’t want to search for a street parking spot.

After parking and leaving my car I walked my way to Boston Commons.  The first part of the trail.  I thought about taking a walking tour.  $10 lighter, I waited for 10:40 to roll around for a dude in green who would be the tour guide.  I saw a lot of guys with green shirts, but none of them guides.  So I decided to explore on my own.

I walked into the first place, where the the decision on the Boston Tea Party congregated.  Realizing that these museums were not really my cup of tea [pun almost intended!] I left to just explore while still following the map and trail.

I think my favorite spot on this trail was the Quincy Marketplace!  I loved the interior shopping plaza, which was barely reminiscent of the awesome Pikes Place Market in Seattle.  Pikes Place is the best place to shop for groceries.  🙂  I also noticed free WiFi on the touch!  Presto!

Having bought lunch, a huge bagel pizza, I went on my way to continue on the trail.  I kept on going till I walked across the bridge to check out the harbor on the other side.

I have to admit that walking across a grated walkway on the bridge with the river under neath me was quite … spooky.  Add in the vibrations caused by the passing cars, I stashed my camera away and walked as fast as I could to more stable footing.  Which was 30 feet  ahead of me.

My brother and sister in law would be quick to reference the fact that when we were hiking through the sequoia forest, I was deathly quiet after getting what Eric would claim, slightly, lost in the trails.  What made it spooky was on the drive in we saw a mother bear poke her head out from her foraging.  So back the bridge, I could hear them chuckle in the back ground.

I made my way to the harbor with the USS Constitution docked.  It was pretty massive!  The museum next to it was free to walk in and I saw this one guy build model ships.  He was meticulous at his craft working with different media.  The one I saw was a paper one.  Talk about patience and careful hands!  I saw him stick this one piece on delicately and was pretty astonished with the skill involved!

After the fond impression, I walked outside and felt my right hip twitch.  I remember this feeling from my hiking in Cinque Terre in Italy.  My legs are getting pretty sore and I am going to be in some massive pain later tonight.  Back I went, all the way back towards China Town where I parked to get my car and drive to Grasshopper to pick up some dinner for myself, Ann, Eric, and Vincent for tonight.

This time when I crossed the bridge, again, there was a swarm of kids crossing as well.  So I let them take the side with the water next to them, I’ll take the incoming cars.  This time I wasn’t as scared as crossing it the first time.  I have a slight fear of heights.

I passed through the greens and back into the city passing the landmarks that I visited during the Freedom Trail all the way back to my parking lot.

Paid my dues I got into my car to drive to Grasshopper before heading back to Worcester.  Grasshopper is a pretty good Taiwanese vegetarian restaurant in the outskirts of Boston.  Could I live off of this food?  Just like with other foods, nope.  It was tasty but as I grew older, I no longer fully like chinese food.

When I got back to Eric’s and Ann’s, we munched on the dinner and I mingled with Vincent.  Teaching him how to tell time and some math using coins.

The muscles in my legs were so sore!  It was pretty painful!  I stretched this morning and after I came back!  It was definitely not a very friendly feeling!  So relaxing on the couch, Eric put on this show called Throwaways.  In this episode, these five fast food lovers, were in Thailand experiencing what it was like to be a Thai rice farmer.  Earning only about 15 US cents per hour, they trudged day in and day out to experience the life of the farmers.  The show’s point was to show them and the audience how our food is produced and how extremely hard it is for the farmers to at least survive through the next day.  I was hooked on the show.

Tomorrow’s adventure was going to be at Martha’s Vineyard!