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It was a good thing that I was going to Martha’s Vineyard on a weekday.  Eric tells me that if I were to go on a weekend, I would be sitting in a ton of traffic.  Cape Cod looked like an interesting place to be, so I could see why it would be hit with so many people during the weekends.  I woke up early, around the same time Vincent woke up to go to school, but his coughing was getting worse so he stayed home instead of going to school.  This was going to be a two hour drive, so I had to fill up my gas tank.  Every single time I think about gas I think about that awful BP spill.  It has been since March and they still can’t get it under control!  Humanity has just destroyed one ocean [what looks like to spread to the other ones.]

I really want better alternative fuels.

I saw some BP stations and totally avoided them.  I filled up at a Hess gas station. Oh boy.  Gas and tolls are my major expenditures here.

Opposed to yesterday’s traffic, driving to Cape Cod was a breeze.  Even if it was a two hour drive.  On my way I saw so many exits for different beaches, but I had to get to Martha’s Vineyard to catch the ferry over.  I almost went passed this parking lot when I saw a sign saying the lot I was heading to was full.  So I turned into the one I was just about to pass.

The parking lot was almost full and hard to find a parking spot.  I found a parking spot, eventually, but it was in a cramped corner.  Ah crap!  But I didn’t have time to complain as the shuttle was here already.  Securing my car, I left for the shuttle to take me to the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard.  What a full bus!  All of the seats in the bus was taken after I sat down.  Some with luggages and some with day packs.

We arrived just in time.  I got my two way ticket and went straight aboard the ferry.  What was amazing about this was that the ferry offered free WiFi!  Holy moly!  So for the forty minute ferry ride over, I was checking my email and surfing the web on my ipod touch!  Sweet!

When we finally landed, I walked out to see a bus heading towards the Edgewater area of Martha’s Vineyard.  Dropped off in the center of that area, I quickly went to look for lunch.  I found The Wharf’s pub, and saw that the veggie burger was a decent price.  So in I went to get my lunch and drink on!

The service was quite nice!  I got my veggie burger and Blue Moon for my lunch!  It was tasty!

Afterwards, I went back out to explore.  Sadly my time here was limited because I had to catch the 4:30 or 6:15 ferry back to Cape Cod or else I would be stranded on the Martha’s Vineyard.  So I went to look for at least one lighthouse!  I walked, I think, west of where I was towards this one lighthouse.  Out on the shore was a couple chilling while I meandered.

After some exploring I looked at my watch and saw that it was close to 2:30.  I had to return back to the bus stop so I could get back to the docks.  I wanted to walk north of it, but still be in proximity of the docks so I won’t be cutting for time.

I thought the design of the houses were pretty cool, albeit, extremely expensive.  I know that there are celebrities and politicians who own property on this island.  I thought, what if I had a destination wedding up here.  How cool would that be?

As I got to the bus stop, I passed by more fascinating houses and bike shops.  I had wanted to rent a bike, but it was $25 for the entire day and I was only going to be here for a couple more hours.  I certainly did not do this place much justice, but I think most of the rest of the Vineyard looks almost alike to what I just explored.

Not much time passed when bus 13 came to drop off its current passengers and pick up its new ones.  In fact it was about 3:20 when it did come.  When we drove towards the dock, this older “gentleman,” I am using the kindest of words here, tried to strike up conversation with these 4 young asian tourists.  It was actually quite funny.  When they left, he said he will see them tomorrow at work.  Unless they actually worked here, I thought it was odd.


We arrived at the docks.  And there was the ferry.  Should I wait till 6 and explore some more?  Or get a head start on traffic by leaving now? Eh I will just head home.  I want to see Vincent anyway.

So I went straight back to the Ferry and left Martha’s Vineyard.

When I got back, we did some shots outside since Eric and Ann picked up a DSLR to shoot with.