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What can I say?  When I like some place I like to come back!  This morning I went to Boston’s fine art museum to check out their latest exhibit, even though, I am not much of a fan of Egyptian artwork.  I prefer Baroque and Renaissance artwork the most.  Vincent was still home sick.

This time I left much later for Boston, after my first taste of Boston rush hour.  I left at 10 am this time.  I had no rush to get there, so I took my time.  Surprisingly I got there in forty minutes!  Compared to my hour or so when I first drove into Boston!

The challenge this time was searching for a parking spot.  I drove around the area, using the GPS to point me in the wrong direction to find a parking lot.  I finally found one which was within the Northeastern University’s campus.  I had to do another loop because I missed it by a couple feet.  Thanks a lot, GPS.  When I got back around, I pulled into the lot only to have to go to the top of the lot to find a parking spot.  ….

Luckily for me there was an elevator to take me back down from the 10th floor!  There had better been one because I can’t see anyone walk down all those steps … like I did in my hotel in Thailand! haha!  I was stashed at the 9th floor and because of some “certain” individuals the elevators had to be constantly fixed.  Translating me having to run down the stairs to go out and up the stairs to get back to my room.

Back to Boston, I went through Northeastern’s campus to get to the fine art museum.  The campus was quite nice!  I think I applied here for a graduate school program as wel!  Nice location.

I got to the museum and used my Princeton ID card to get a slightly cheaper ticket.  I saved a whopping $2.  The one thing I love and hate about art museums is that there are so many paths to go and then I lose my place where I was and continue on a different path!  But that also leads me to other interesting exhibits.  It is a troubled thing with art museums.  Even if I had a map, I would still get lost.  Just ask Joanna when we were exploring Rome.  I could get lost at the sight of something fascinating!

I checked out the exhibitions for a good two hours and started to get hungry.  The food in the museum would be expensive so I went out to get a slice of pizza and decide what I was going to do next.  I left to meander around this area and decided to just go back to Boston Commons and just relax at the Quincy Market.  I could hit the harbor from there as well, so it should be fun!

I went back to my car, took the elevator to the 10th floor and drove around till my GPS finally decided to resync up with the satellite to bring me back Boston Common.

I parked at the same place that I parked the other day and walked towards Quincy market.  I had a slight hankering for a Sam Adams seasonal brew.

After I finished my drink I went towards the harbor and did the harbor walk till I got back to the bridge I crossed the other day and turned back around to head back to the market to find dinner.  I usually eat my dinner at 6 pm, so it was about time for me to eat dinner.  As I walked back I saw the sun lower down, which meant prime time to shoot!  I did some sun flares along the way to the market!  It was sexy!

When I got back to the market, I saw the restaurant that Labelle mentioned, Wagamama and decided to give it a shot.

And let me tell you the service was great as was the food!  I ordered this curry dish, another Sam Adams, and for appetizer a vegetarian dumpling dish.  The rice was a tad tough compared to rice I usually eat, it should have been a tad softer.  But the curry was awesome!  For dessert, I actually ordered dessert, was an ice cream variety of chocolate, vanilla, and coconut!  It was good.

I left a larger tip that usual and left happy!

The sun was setting and out came the camera shooting the flares and dropping light!  Ooh this will be so sweet!

After shooting I continued to head back to my car to head back to Eric’s and Ann’s.