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I am not sure why, but I decided to go to Salem, Massachusetts.  I guess the stories with the Salem witch trials were intriguing enough for me to take a trip down to check out the place.  I took a hour drive down to Salem.  My first impressions was that it was a total chill place.  Very boring.

It is definitely a great place for kids, it seemed.  So I set out to explore a bit.

I meandered around the walking path the map gave me and went around the harbor.  Uhmm…

So after I got to the harbor, I had it.  I was bored so I decided to drive back to rest because the weekend we were to drive to Albany.

On my return, I hit massive traffic on interstate 95 and then on interstate 9, towards Eric’s, there was another set of delays!  I, at this point, was getting pretty tired of traffic and wanted to get back already!

I finally did get back to their apartment and went straight to the pool with Eric and Vincent to relax.  I told them how boring Salem was.

We later went grocery shopping for the trip tomorrow and for my strawberry cheesecake!