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Today was going to be a hot one.  And what did I wear?  My black “got pho” shirt.  Intelligent, Ted.

We got ready to go to this mine, whose name I forgot.  I was driving again.  argh!  haha!  So while we ate some breakfast we got some of our food ready for lunch.  This was going to be about an hour drive to the place … meaning more miles on the Subaru.

During the car ride, Eric and I were laughing about our parents and their quirky antics.  Especially revolving around the recently purchased house in Atlanta and the drama surrounding it.  We stopped at a rest stop on the way because I had to take a really bad piss.  So it was a bathroom break for all of us!  I guess it was a good thing we were chatting it up as we got there and I didn’t realize that it really was a mile away.

This was also out in the woods, but with some civilization.  Going through many passes, I drove up the gravel driveway to the mine.  It was hot.  Ahhh!!  Why am I wearing my black t shirt?!  Eric and I went inside to rent our hammers. hehe little did we know we would have more success digging and sifting through the dirt…

We got our hammers and then went to proceed to buy some soft serve ice cream.  Well at least Vincent and I had soft serve, Ann purchased a cone from the freezer.  The soft serve was creamy and made me see how much I missed gelato!  Consuming our treats we went back into the place for a preview video of the mine and what to look for.

According to the video we should hit hollow rocks, or rocks with many divets, three times.  Yeah.  Right.

When we finally did get out there, we drove up the mine to the 2nd site after leaving the mine only to turn around and drive up the right path.  We banged away at the rocks which led to nothing.  I got bored and went exploring for a little bit.  With some hours passed, I sat down and got uber bored.  As I verbally expressed my boredom of not finding anything, I dug up a crystal or diamond shiny object!

Then it started, I dug and sifted finding a whole ton of them! Dime size and pretty small ones, I dug and sifted for a good hour looking for them!  The excitement came back and by the time it hit 3:30 I was really into it!  This family drove all the way from Massachusetts for this.  Which was crazy because that was a 4 hour drive!  So they drove all the way, they live near Eric’s and Ann’s, to here?  Wow!

When we were about to leave, we gave them our strainer and headed back to the lodge to return our hammers.  The funny thing was that we bought another bag of diamonds and dirt for Vincent to sift through in the stream and he yielded much more larger than the ones we dug up.  $5 for five minutes of fun versus 3 to 4 hours of toiling away.  hmmmm….

Vincent happy with his bounty, we headed back to that pizza place in Albany.  Ann said it was alright for Vincent to have real cheese since he had soft serve and cheezeits breaking the vegan diet for today.  And Vincent had the largest grin on his face!  Too bad I was driving and could not photograph that!  I am sure that would have been awesome.

Eric and chatted about our “old” religious path.  Now after about 2 years after the incident I am kinda chuckling about it, but still not too … fond of the issue that occurred.  We are however wondering what Jeff was going to do in the future as well.  It is the culmination of experiences, good or bad, that make a person.  I gather that was the whole point of this conversation.  It is good and important to question ones faith, but once you get to the zealots, if you question it your in deep shit with them.  That’s why I don’t like zealots of any faith and well, don’t really care about religion.  I am sure there are answers that science can’t answer, but, those very questions are more philosophical and not exactly directly influencing my own life.

As we got closer to the pizzeria, Ann somehow spotted Durian out on sale at this Asian market!  Crap!  Of all things.. Durian!!  I really don’t like that fruit, though my family are die hards for it!  It smells soo bad when you cut it up!  ack!

They were going to save it for tonight.  So we went back to the pizzeria and I ordered a eggplant parm and garlic mozzarella bread, Ann and Eric ordered salad and Vincent had mozzarella sticks.  They also ordered a pie of pizza.  Whoa a ton of food.  Too bad the eggplant parm wasn’t good at all.  It was actually pretty bad to be honest.  The bread was pretty singed, the eggplant tasted more roasted that grilled with batter, but the cheese and tomato sauce was pretty good.  Zorba’s grill, outside the psychology library, has the most awesome eggplant parm that I have ever had!  Plus it was much cheaper too…

The pizza was pretty salty, but I guess that was because of the olives.  The food was only good for sustenance.  So we finished what we could and brought the rest back to the hotel to finish later.  Once we did that, Eric and I went back out to do some shooting since we didn’t do any today.   I gave Eric some shooting tips!

We went around Albany and photographed the bejesus out of the government center.  One thing that really struck me was … it was empty!  Hardly anyone, no tourists, no pedestrians, hardly any cars, and no homeless people!  What was going on here?  This would be a precipice tonight for when Eric and I did night shots.  We went to the education building and there was this awesome light!  I got some really awesome flaring, Pat would be proud!

Doing a loop we saw this egg shaped building and a reflection pool to photograph before heading back to the hotel room.  What a boring place.

When we got back, we ate a bit, and then took a swim for a while with Vincent who was waiting for us to return.  I stayed mainly in the jacuzzi after a long day in the sun and digging through the dirt.  It felt good!

When 9 rolled around we left the pool so that Eric and I could go back out to do some night shots.  Dried off and a change of clothes, we went outside to shoot.  Just like during the day time, there was hardly a single person outside!  A sunday night and a city without hardly a single person?  What was going on here?  We went around and then to the reflection pool to do some night photography before we got bored.  What a boring city!

We got back and got ready to sleep to get ready to leave for home the next day.  It is going to be a really long drive for me.

To help prove the zombie-ness I took some video footage of the main street.  One during the day and one at night.  Check it out!

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