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When I first heard from Nancy, the first things that I read were: fellow Rutgers alum, wedding, love, coffee, musicians.  Maybe not in that particular order, but  I was like, “what??  Rutgers alum??”  Then the details about how she met Erik followed, I thought it was pretty cute.

We met up in October, where we sat face to face at Capogiro over some nice gelato.  Erik, Nancy, and her mother were in town for a bridal show and that was that.  I  … uhmm… secretly fell in love with them, and, was slightly envious of them.  They were really a wonderful couple, in both personalities and chemistry [even if you don’t believe in “Chemistry”]  One, of many things, that stood out was the warmth that I got from the couple and the mother which led me to believe that … their wedding would be both embracing and just serene with the beauty that comes with weddings.

We did the engagement session at Princeton University a little over a month ago- check it out here!

Fast forward to 6.25.2010, their wedding was here.  It was just awesome.  The couple, the wedding, the families, it was more than great it was phenomenal.  Their family was a very generous and warm family, which made shooting them even better!

I need to also say their music choices for the reception was awesome.

It began like a storm and left like a flock of doves- be prepared, it is a massive wedding entry!

Thank you for such a wonderful time!  Go Spain!!

Don’t forget to check out the slideshows!

Engagement session