Although that would be stellar to teach in Italy for a couple years.  I haven’t taken the TEFL yet, but, I guess I most likely won’t do the teaching in Italy.  I don’t know, I guess with the bit 2-8 coming up, it doesn’t seem all that practical.  Though I would stay and travel for a couple months..

I hope my travel lust isn’t dwindling down!  … crap!  It better not!  Can’t.settle.down.  Not now, not for a while.

I think I am going to head back to Seattle to check it out some more, since I still have travel credit from United since my missed flight to Oregon.  I have about a year to decide if I want to move out that way.  There is something about Seattle that I really love that makes me want to live there.  of course the gloom and rain sure don’t help, but, talk about coffee heaven!

Hopefully I can head to Seattle after Dave and Danielle’s wedding in October and stay there longer than a week to check out the place.  Then, I will decide whether or not it is worth driving out there to live.