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It’s been a while since I shouted RU RUTGERS with other people.

What can I say about Pat and Andrea?  Two of the most down to Earth couple I have met and was really lucky to have been able to photograph their day.  We started the day at the American Hotel in Freehold, NJ and made our way to Allaire State park where they held their ceremony.

A humorous coincidence when Pat first contacted me was that Kyle, one of his best men and friends, was also contacting me about the wedding too.  Kyle is a college buddy of mine from Rutgers Camden.  Pat was telling me that his date was on the 3rd of July and Kyle was asking if I had a wedding on the 3rd.  Unbeknown to me at that time it was Pat’s wedding.  So I was telling Kyle that he better tell his friend to hurry it up to talk to me because Pat was contacting me about it.  Then somewhere along those lines, Pat mentions Kyle and I asked Kyle, was the wedding he was talking about Pat’s?

The rest is history.  Image time! Warning: Another massive one!  (Pat and Andrea are awesome!)

Oh the conversations after the bubble bath scene..

Good times!  Thanks for the fun!