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Remember back last year I photographed Doug and Diana’s engagement session in Baltimore?  Don’t remember? check it out.

Couple days ago was July 17th.  Their big day.  And it was big!  I went down to Doug and Diana’s place to stay over for the night on that Friday while Diana, Doug, and the family were to do their rehearsal dinner.  It was weird walking into their place being greeted by two cats.  Well one of them likes to hide and the other, liked to hit my mac’s screen with his tail while I was surfing the web.  The caveat with that was that I was on the dinner table and he jumped from the ground up onto the table to investigate and to hit my screen, apparently or maybe I am just being vain.

I was really looking forward to this wedding- unlimited mojitos, open bar, .. I mean gorgeous bride and awesome groom….  wait a second…  I am not helping myself here with that.  While all above said is true, what really was also phenomenal was the time that was put into making the details here- flowers, bouquets, little details were either grown and made by Diana’s mom (and transported down, too) but were in a more green eco friendly manner.  Even the food was fresh and local food!  It was amazing to see, but I heard from Diana’s dad was that they worked their butts off when they got here to get all of them ready for this really sweet wedding.  It sure did look like a whole lot of effort was put into it, and it didn’t go to waste!  As the wedding was great!  And hot.  In both sense of the word.

The wedding took place at the Bristow Manor Golf Resort in Manassas, Virginia.  It was actually a pretty interesting place to shoot at.  Most of us stayed at the Mariott Courtyard Hotel which was about a half an hour from the manor, so it was always fun seeing the other guests walk around.

Anyway, it is image time.  A little warning- it is going to be a pretty massive display of images, but then you should be expecting that!  🙂

I also got a gift bag!  Thanks Diana + Doug!  I prefer shopping for groceries with reusable bags so this is a plus!

Instead of wasting paper, they wrote the names and numbers on rocks! Those photos in the background look familiar.. haha!

The bouquet.  I mean the bouquet.  Diana’s mom made this piece.  It was pretty huge!  Just like the bride’s maids’ bouquets!

Thank you for such a wonderful time and for letting me stay at your place!!