As I am getting ready for a wedding in a few hours, my itunes is playing an instrumental version of U2’s Bad.  Thoughts and memories came zipping into my mind, as I stashed my cameras into the bags, making sure all the batteries are charged, and CF cards formatted. Memories of Laura, Ireland, and days gone by…

I realized a couple things:

  • Summer is half way over.
  • I haven’t made that many written entries lately.
  • Starcraft 2 comes out this Tuesday
  • My dad is coming back Tuesday-ish from Atlanta after his freak accident
  • Today is my last wedding for the summer
  • I can’t wait for the Fall.  Jeremy’s and Gen’s and Dave and Danielle’s wedding, but most of all it will be cooler out
  • … I can’t wait to get back to Seattle

I miss the nice cool breeze from the Fall.  Those days where I can just stroll outside with a nice warm cup of coffee [or preferably a pumpkin spice latte] where I think about future business and life plans.  Yep I miss those days.  I also know that when I move to Seattle, I am going to be missing the nice autumn weather.

Oh well.. I need to get going to shoot this wedding.