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Oh.my.god. My brother, sister in law, nephew, mom, and I went back to Vegan treats.  About time!  It has been way too long since we been there.  😦  If you, sadly, don’t know this place, here is a quick review.  Awesome desserts.  Seriously.  Not vegan?  Still go ahead and devour this stuff, you won’t know that these are all vegan made!  They are all that good.  It really stinks, though, that I live far away from there.  Well I guess that is a good thing, or else I would be gaining 20 lbs easily!  I did bring home a nice stash of cakes and … mmmmmmmmm…. cinnamon buns!!  As a vegetarian, I haven’t had a good cinnamon bun in a lonnnnnnng time!  Every time I attempt to make one, it is crispy and not so good!  So in short?  Go to Vegan Treats!  Buy a horde of goods!  And the owner is prettttttty awesome, as well as the employees who make it happen!  I definitely know who to refer to when brides ask for vegan desserts!

I bought one of these! Can't wait to devour it!!

In that back corner is where the magic happens! mmmmm!

I kept on buying more.  My sweet tooth was having a field day today.

The excited nephew!

Sadly we can’t live there.  😦  But we did buy a stash to bring home with us!!

We then went to PeaceFood Cafe in NYC.  Another vegan stop!  It was pretty good!

My machiatto was soo small!!! 😦