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I caved in.  I thought that I could go without buying a smart phone for as long as possible.  But I caved in, last Monday, to pick one up when my plan allowed me to upgrade.  I guess I was under the lure of being able to check my mail and facebook, sadly, on the go.  When my brother, sister in law, mom, Vincent and I went to Vegan Treats last weekend, I was playing with my brother’s BlackBerry Bold and saw how convenient it was.

Well it was something that I thought about for a while since the Incredible was released.  The Voice Search function is very handy!  I almost got lost in the Rittenhouse Square looking for a Starbucks to get some coffee.  haha!

Why not an iPhone 4?  One, I am a Verizon user.  And secondly, I prefer the Incredible. ha!