I have been reading the webs, from wedding photography to politics and one statement to I question is this:

“Oh he is such a good Christian man, but his photography and professional behavior is lacking … “

“This is further proof that Obama is a muslim!!”

Seriously.  How does religion determine how someone would be successful in his/her career?  Political position? etc.

Even if America is generally protestant and Christian, if your favorite leader wasn’t Christian and [insert religious denomination] would that tarnish your belief in his/her capabilities to lead?  Or if your wedding photographer wasn’t Christian but was [insert another religious denomination] or even “worse” agnostic or athiest.  Would that keep you from hiring him/her as your wedding photographer?

Now I am quite certain there are people who are above this and base it on actual objective data, like actual things like, personality, experience, work produced.  But it is the statements, not by just one [if it were one person I wouldn’t be as bothered.] but a lot!

If you do not like what who is in charge or photographer’s work, etc, you don’t.  I am not saying you should like or trust EVERYTHING, I am just saying, base it on credible and tangible evidence and not faith.

So for example, this client didn’t like this wedding photographer’s work and the services rendered were less than professional.  But, oddly, hired the said photographer.  At the end of the day after the wedding, their experience was sour and gave the photographer a bad review on a forum.  And near the end of the review, the post added ” … such a good Christian, how and why did our photography and experience suck?”

I followed the words all until that point thinking, wow geez, this couple had such a bad experience to .. what?  Why are they inserting relgion?  How would religion completely determine the outcome?  The following posts only added to this.

No I wasn’t at a Christian forum at all, just a general wedding forum.  And the above quote about Obama being “muslim.” was from the news.  So?

Please do not take from this post that I am attacking anyone’s religion or point of view on religion.  I am an atheist to be frank.  However, I do respect other’s beliefs. I am just curious to how, or rather why, toss in religion as your determining factor.