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It has been way too long since I had an adventure.  I think the last one was when I went up to Boston for a week.  Not that I could claim that was an adventure, more like a week away from work.  Wanderlust setting in, I needed to go on a road trip, adventure, travel, and mind restoring outing.  While I would love to have gone to Europe, that is for next year.  Just a week now and then come November back to Seattle.

I was pondering on a road trip to Canada, though, honestly Canada was not on the top of my list to visit.  So I put a status update on my facebook saying that I am thinking on a road trip to Canada.  When I spoke to my boss about taking the following week off, she immediately told me to go and check out Canada and Ottawa.  Then I got an email from my friend saying that if I go, I can stay at her place.  Success!

So making my decision at that point, I emailed my boss and colleagues that I was heading to Canada.  Booked my hotel for a first day and rental car, I was set to arrive in Canada on Sunday.

So on Saturday, I picked up my rental.  This car was tiny!  A Kia.  Of all cars I get, a Kia…

I was initially thinking about driving my Impreza up, but, adding an additional 2.5k miles was definitely not something I wanted to do.  The girl at Enterprise was pretty cute.  And tried to sell me the insurance.  It was so hard to say no, but I did.  Progressive would cover my rentals.  But…. she was soo cute..

When I was ready to leave, the GPS units, I took my Incredible and my GPS along with some paper directions, wanted me to take i676 to get through Valley Forge.  Traffic being immensely backed up, I took i95 to the PA turnpike instead. I think my GPS’s told me to turn around nearly 100x before it resync’d to the better route.

Endless roads does wonders to a person’s mental state.  I was getting tired by the time I got to Quaker and luckily my GPS said that there “was” a Starbucks nearby.  Yay!  But, I went in a large circle up and down large hills.  When I got to the supposed direction, I didn’t find it so I had to backtrack to the Wawa to get the coffee.  Yes, I am pretty picky with my coffee drinking.

Oh well.  I needed my caffeine.

– Four hours later –

I got to the border line, sitting at the last exit before crossing into Canada.  Do I stay or do I go… it started to pour out.  I sat at the exit thinking should I just stay over night at the rest stop or just drive to my hotel hopefully able to get a room.  The fact that my GPS said I was 2 hours away didn’t help with the better choice.  I decided to just drive into Ottawa instead of waiting in at the rest stop.

When I crossed the border, I was asked for what purpose was I going to Canada.

Purpose- to adventure around and see a friend

Name- Joanna

Where did I meet her- In Italy

After that I was able to leave, but it felt weird.

Both my TomTom and Incredible wouldn’t work.  AHHHHH!!!!  I specifically went to Verizon to gain access the international data plan on my droid!!   And it doesn’t work!  VERIZONNNNNNNN!!!!

The whole reason I went there was to access this!  This is very aggravating.

Luckily I had my paper directions and directions on my cell.  I pulled over to finally find a place to stay.  I though $77 was too much, but then, later I went to the hotel next to mine on Sunday’s for… $110.

Crap.  Oh well, I need a place to stay.