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The thing I needed most I forgot to purchase back at home.  Toothpaste.  Argh!!

Waking up at 8 am, I went out to Elgin street to buy some toothpaste.  And then coffee and water. haha!  Necessities.

Back in my hotel room, I went to write in my journal and eat the remaining food I had with me before I brushed.  The hotel maid was really annoying.  First she knocked to see if I was still here.  Ok, slight courtesy?  Then fifteen minutes later she unlocks my door and lets herself in!  Does she have a crush on me?  Uhm… scary.  She said that she thought that I was gone… argh!!  Embassy hotel, you totally failed.

So I got the messaged.  I checked out immediately.

I put my gear into my car and just took my camera gear with me to check out Ottawa.  What a miserable day to go around Ottawa.  It was really cloudy and looked like it was going to rain any second.  I went towards Parliament Hill, since that was the main attraction in Ottawa.

It was about a 15 minute walk to the hill, on the way I ran into a family where the father, one large dude, calling his son a fool because he didn’t get the background in his shot.  Way to curb the boy’s enthusiasm for photography.

I went to the big white tent, which was the info tent, to get my free guided tour passes.  I got my tickets for the 12:15 tour of the East block and my 1:20 for the center block.  Since I had about forty minutes to the tour I thought it would be good to explore the nearby areas while I waited for the tour.

I went down these long stairs to the canal walk.  I walked for a bit till I got to this construction site when I saw the time.

12:00.  uh oh.  My first tour was at 12:15!  I double timed it back to the tent.  Crap!  Running with camera gear is definitely not easy!

I got to the tent at 12:16 and the tour guide just left!  AHHH!!  Luckily for me she was standing in front of the East block and I still had time to get there.  Just in time … to go through the security check in.  Like at an airport.  Hooray.

The cool part from the tour was the tour guide was pretty cute.  After the tour of the East wing, I went to the center wing tour.  Another cute tour guide.  ❤

After the tours, I went back to my hotel room to check in.  This room was actually quite nice.  Dropping my stuff off, I went to take a nap, since, I wanted a good rest.  I texted Joanna that I was at my hotel and going out to eat in a little bit.

By the time I woke up, it was about 6 pm and it was time to go look for some food.  I went to this place called the Mayflower Pub for a veggie burger.  The bun was pretty stiff, but, everything else was pretty good.

After the meal I went back to meandering around Ottawa at night.  The light might not be on tonight because of the weather, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t go out to explore.