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I didn’t move my car in time.  Joanna told me to move my car to a place where there were no meters so I wouldn’t be ticketed.  As I parked it on Laurie street, I got to my car at 7:20 am and there it was.  My first ticket.  MY FIRST FRIGGIN TICKET!!!  In Canada of all places!  In my entire driving life, I have NEVER gotten a ticket before!  Parking or driving violation!

$80 friggin dollars!  This definitely set my mood to horrendous.

I had to pay this off immediately.  I didn’t want this to linger around, I was told, the worst they can do is never let me back in Canada…

Since this being part of the government, I didn’t expect them to be open early so I went to Second Cup to check my email and facebook.  But when 9 am did roll around, I went to the building immediately to pay the fee off.

Irritated, I went back outside to head to the art gallery.  It was drizzling out and I needed an umbrella, but no store was open.  I had already checked out of my hotel so … all that I could do was just walk to the gallery.  Which was like a half an hour away from where I was.  doh!

Talk about being under prepared.  And with my luck, I got to the museum thirty minutes before the time they opened.  It really stunk that I was drenched.

The gallery finally opened, at 10:30 am, and the first thing I did was pick up an umbrella.  I checked out the exhibitions and was left, sad.  I actually only liked a couple pieces on display.  But I did like the architecture of the building.

When I left the gallery, it stopped raining.  AHHHHHHHHHHRRRGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

Frigging Canada!

I got to my car and headed off to 417 east to Joanna’s.  When I got there, which was pretty fast, I saw a quaint house by the park.  I continued to look around as a clumsily pressed things hoping to hit the bell.  And the door opens.

Out Joanna comes with open arms for a hug.  Ahhh that felt nice, especially after this morning and the cold weekend.  She had much longer hair, looked slightly thinner, and a little pale.  After the hug I met her mother, Karen, and was shown to my room where I could stash my stuff.  Afterwards we chatted a bit and wondered what we were going for lunch.

Mexican, Italian, Ethopian, Tha….


Thai food is a staple for me when I travel in the states.  And.. well, Canada.

We drove to Little Italy to get to the Thai restaurant.  In Little Italy?

Joanna had a knack for finding free parking.  I wish she was with me this morning, kekeke, to find a parking spot.  AHH!  Just thinking about parking got me pissed off again!  What the hell!?

Well we walked down to the Thai restaurant which wasn’t really vegetarian.  So I would have to ask about their food and any possible options.  Joanna brought it up again how back in Italy we had our table set up for us, but we had to leave afterwards since there were no options for any of us.  Me being vegetarian, her being gluten free, and this other girl, Rochelle being lactose intolerant.  How can you be in Italy and be lactose intolerant?

The curry had shrimp sauce in it.  What?  Seriously!?  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Then I asked about the Pad Thai.  I had it customized to not have meat or fish sauce.  Whew!  Joanna was able to get food here too!  lucky!

Joanna started talking about her new boyfriend.  uh oh.  I thought she had just broken up with her boy friend?  The conversation moved to her new diet that she had to be on.  She has to be off starch, I think, and other stuff.  So I asked what about going on a raw (camera buds, RAW diet, get it??) We continued to reminisce about our travels together, but, we were already finished our meals.  I ate slower this time.  Eric and Ann would be proud of me.  I ate my meal pretty slow.  Hooray!

We left the restaurant, to head to the market.  And she found another free parking spot.  Damn it!!  STOP TAUNTING ME!

Oh well..

We went into the marketplace after we went around the park where she gave me a visual tour of where people would make out.  Hmmmm…When we got into the market, I pulled out the 135 to do some sniping.  My sneaky shots.  hehe!  We went around, I bought some squeaky cheese, and picked up some gluten free pasta for Joanna.

After some exploring, we went to her friend’s Barb’s place to pick up some platters for the pastry shoot tomorrow.  We walked into this event planning place, which smelled like crocs going up the stairs.  Which was a given since it was situated right next to the crocs’ store.

Make out point one.

When we got back to Joanna’s, we smelled the sauce.  Mmmmmmmm…. Italian pasta sauce.  It was so ripe in scent.  mmmmmmm!

After hearing I should spend more time in Montreal, I tried to book a hotel for Thursday night on Joanna’s computer.  It was an adventure just trying to get IE (IE??  Use FIrefox!) open.  They had so much malware and trojans on it, it wasn’t funny.  Crap.  And I should have just called to make a reservation instead.  But, I used my CC.  And .. I already got a spam message saying that I need to redeem my miles with these magazines.  What?

After dinner and a sweet conversation, it was time for … GELATO!!!!


Yep.  I love gelato.  And it seems I was in good company, as both Joanna and her mother are also gelato fiends.  All of us, it seems, gained some weight because of our fondness of gelato.  Ahhh my 20 pounds of loving when I came back from Italy.  Just from gelato.

But first before our gelato run, was getting more dishes from Barb.

Done and done, oddly, her ex lives right around the corner.  So at first it seemed, when she broke up with him, didn’t want to come anywhere near this area..

Well dishes picked up, we were off to get our gelato.  It was so good!  While we were devouring our gelato, Joanna made some calls to see if one of her friends could show me around University of Ottawa.  Her friends Jason and Tina were free to give me the tour!  Yay!

Well actually, Tina was giving the tour.  A phenomenal tour, actually, engaging and really full of detail of the university, while, Joanna and Jason were in the background joking around.

University of Ottawa is pretty amazing.  While they would shovel the snow to make it accessible, students walk around in their pjs to their classes in the winter?  What the heck?  They are crazy!  I would not want to be outside if I was in a Canadian winter.

Strange.  Very strange.

After the tour, Joanna and I departed and said our byes to go see the lightshow.  which was pretty cool.  But what was hilarious was that Tina’s brother didn’t know what a quickie was until it happened!  haha!

When the show ended we headed back to rest up.