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I woke up to get ready to go for my hikes at Parci De La Gatineau Park.  Joanna said that she was going to work on the cookies so they could be ready when I got back.  I ate some breakfast, cereal, yogurt, and fruit, breakfast here is so relaxing.

Off I went to the park, which was an easy thirty minute drive.  I was pretty giddy when I got there!  My exploratory blood was boiling!  I need to hike hike hike!  The exit off the highway took me into a quaint town, kind of like Mariposa is to Yosemite.  I found the information building and asked for a map.  The first trail the guy at the desk told me was the King’s peak which was a 5k hike.  Wah hoo!  It was a scenic overview of the valley below.

The next was about a 2 kilometer hike.

I drove down the road to get to the start of the King’s peak trail, which was about a 2 mile drive from the information center.

It was just me and the woods, nature, and brisk air on the trail.  Alright, with other hikers here and there.  I did my trail run, which is tough carrying the camera and gear.  The trail wasn’t slippery, thankfully.  So it was a nice run up to this nice opening where I stopped to catch my breath for a bit to breath in and photograph the sights.  I can see parts of the valley below me.  It was breathtaking.  If I was here during sunset or sunrise…

I continued my trail run back to my car.  This was a nice run.  Up a nice incline and down a decent and jagged decline.

When I got back to my car I went to some other trails, but sadly weren’t as scenic as the King’s trail.   I took a stop at this one over look to snap some images.

I hiked around but look at my watch.  It was getting close to one and I should head back to get ready to photograph Joanna’s products.

On the way back, I was stuck in traffic because of construction.  There is always construction going on in Ottawa, it seems.  It is either winter or construction season.  Taking a bit of a detour, I finally found my way to 417 to get back to Joanna’s place.

While the cookies were gluten free, they certainly weren’t vegetarian.  They had eggs in them.  AHHHHHH!!

[Here is the entry for the food and lifestyle shoot]

We spent a good three hours shooting the pastries.  Especially after the trail run, I was getting mighty hungry.  The trail mix was already devoured, as was the water guzzled.  Food.. Baileys… nourishment…

Luckily, the stash of Bailey’s was right next to me.  Note that drinking alcohol will not quench your thirst!

Shoot done, I went downstairs to edit the pastries.  It was weird sorting and then editing with Joanna behind me looking.  It’s not like she was hovering, but I just never had someone behind me looking at the work right after shooting.  I was a bit nervous.  But nevertheless, the images came out great and the tough part was just sorting.

Photos sorted and edited, next was shooting Joanna.  She told me she is very uncomfortable and awkward to shoot.  Do I press buttons and try to do a more elaborate shoot or just snap some images?

She kindly reminded me we were heading out to the Mexican restaurant soon for dinner.  I guess there goes that idea.  [No I am not whipped, she got me where it mattered.  Food.]

Some easy shots in the park in front of her yard and by the fence in her backyard.

Well anyway, it was time to get food!

We went to this Mexican restaurant to meet Carrie and her husband Alyhandro.  I should have just left my camera bag back at the ranch…

They, Joanna included, were going to Columbia in June.  lucky!!

For dinner I had this huge vegetarian fajita which was really good.  The conversation at the dinner went all over the place.  I was just minding the food when it came time to telling me what I should do in Montreal.  They told me that it was a very fun city, but, as Alyhandro says, if I were to get bored the strip clubs are phenomenal.


“Because they take their panties off!  In America, they don’t!”

Hmmmm.. if I were to go to a strip club then that would mean one thing.  I was seriously bored and looking for something to do.  No pun intended.

We left and said our adieus.

We went back to the market to walk around while we waited for her other friends to get back.

Catching her on a change of subject, we both laughed and went on with the walk.  At this point her friends did come back to their apartment and off we went to visit.


it seems the common theme from the guys here is that if I don’t have anything to do in Montreal, to go to the strip clubs and sex shops.  hmm…

We left and went back.