I find this video and song fitting for my impending birthday.  I actually love this song, it is by Yoko Kanno and the Seatbelts for the soundtrack of Cowboy Bebop.  Life goes in circles like this ride..

I am turning 28.  Oh boy… It’s time to break out the passport!  Time for me to go across the seas!!  Actually, I can’t wait to go adventure around!  Though, being 28, I am getting close to my third decade.  Gasp!  Hopefully before then I will be living it up in Seattle and this business idea I thought would be interesting would be even more interesting?

Not sure if that is the term I would want to write…

But as I will soon becoming 28.  Hard to think that I will be 28!  It was only yesterday that I came back from Italy, and the day before that Ireland, and a day before that Thailand, and the month before that I graduated from Rutgers.. [slight time exaggeration.]  And my nephew turns 7 tomorrow!

It’s time to seriously put some thought and, book my flight for my month or so adventure!  Must!