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My last solo wedding is this Saturday!  While I am definitely looking forward to shooting Dave and Danielle’s wedding, I am not sure I want to see the end of this year just yet. As this is, or was, my first year of shooting on my own with some 2nd shooting for Pat I am excited about writing up my end of the year recap in December.  Though, I am not sure my spreadsheets of how much I spent this year on the business in relation to how much I earned might say otherwise….  Seriously, who said starting a business was easy or cheap?  One thing that I am extremely excited to recap is my improvement!


See? Aren’t they awesome???

I mentioned in an earlier blog entry:

  • Wanting to teach English in Italy for a little while.

Well… as Dave spoke to me the other day while catching up and plotting our time lines down, that sometimes life gets the best of us.  And sometimes goals and plans get scratched off.  Or maybe I said that.  Who knows.

Above was shot in Florence, Italy.  Where I would want to teach English in.  It is such an awesome city!  It screams art!  Everything, well in center city, was immaculately designed that leaving was so hard.  Of course, I hear Siena is equally awesome.  I should really head back to Italy, but…I need to head back to Ireland.

I should check out other countries, but, it needs to happen!  I am going back to Ireland for a month!  (if not, I will head to Spain.)

Travel plans for 2011

  • Mexico destination wedding: May 12th – 15th
  • Month in Ireland in August: All of August
  • Vancouver BC: Sept. 7-11th