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Remember when I was supposed to go to Oregon last May right after the kick ass destination wedding in St. John with Pat?  And remember how I have a flight credit with United since I missed it?  Well now it is had!  I used it to go back to Seattle!

Now before I go further into my travel details and plots with Seattle, I need to clarify one big and sad thing.  I won’t be going to Spain after all.  I really did want to go, bought the books and and researched my locations.  But after further decision, I thought it wouldn’t be prudent for several reasons- gas and day to day costs are going up, I have to be in Vancouver, BC, on the 10th of Sept which is literally two weeks after I would return back from Spain, and a week after I get back from Seattle and Vancouver, I have to be in Maine for another wedding.  So even if I did go to Spain, I would be really be pinching pennies.

So that said.  SEATTLE and VANCOUVERRRRR!!  Last time I been there, it was on election week!  G’Obama!

Now I am going in the good season when it is supposed to be more sunny out!  SWEET!

I hope I don’t get a lot of this overcast, as I need sunlight!

And I am also in discussion with my brother if we want to do a trip to the Grand Canyon.  Hopefully we can in late June, which would be really cool.

But the point of this blog post is to get it out there that, Seattle couples, book a lifestyle/engagement session with me during the first and mid 2nd week of Sept!  I would love to photograph your lives!


Mexico- May 12-15th

Seattle and Vancouver- Sept 1 – 15th

Maine- Sept 23-25th