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I have been setting more money aside for it, to be more prudent, to be able to travel abroad again.  Though I am perfectly certain that I might end up changing the location.

Hopefully 2012, I won’t have a month following my proposed travel month of more travels for weddings.  Which might end up being better.  Or worse, depending on how you look at it.  If I get severely booked than it might be problematic as I want to take a month, again, to backpack a place.

There is something about just backpacking a location.  Not just the freedom and lightness that comes with that type of travel, but, it feels more personal and holistic.  I was once in Boy Scouts, an Eagle scout for that matter, where backpacking and camping was our norm.  (please don’t ask if I still know my knots.  I do not.)

Packing my gear for weddings has been training me for travels, ironically enough.  I only pack the gear that I need for a shoot.  With every wedding I bring less and less, taking away frills and only keeping the important things.  Even though lately, I been wanting to bring more strobes with me… The way I see it, with less gear I get less complacent on how to achieve the images that I want to get.

That said, packing my clothes and camera gear, has become easier and lighter.   So I can definitely foresee an easier backpack adventure!

That said, I hope my brother and sister in law finally decide to do the big Asia trip they have been talking about as.. I would be going too!