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Saturday morning I went to NYC to explore central park and then get some lunch.  I left from Princeton at 8:40 am to take the train to the NJT station in Princeton Junction.  I should have known that the Dinky, the train to the NJT station from the university, would have been packed because of the students heading out for spring break, but I didn’t know that the NJT would have been so packed!  The Dinky waited for a good 30 or so minutes to get everyone on board, and the Dinky usually goes every 15 minutes.

The NJT, as said, was packed!  Every car!  I luckily stumbled upon an open spot with an older couple.  Score!  On the train ride up we spoke about the the broadway show that Daniel Radcliffe was in (I am not a harry potter fan, but the lady was.) and about politics.

I finally made it to Central Park after seeing three A trains pass before a C train arrived.

When I got to the iconic part of Central Park, the fountain and mall strip, I saw a hilarious dance troupe performing a dance set for the people there.  It was really great, if you are in central park, I would set some time aside to watch!

After I explored the park and saw the shows, I met up with someone that I recently met over lunch.

Returning to Princeton at 7, I started to get a little hungry and got some food at Mehek. I found some night images and scenes that I would love to use for an engagement session.