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I came home last night from a wedding of high school classmate. It was … actually a mini reunion as, the main photographer, has been on my blogs before, nicole, the bride was Conner, one of the bridesmaids was a classmate, one singer from the ceremony was also one of our classmates, and 5 others (that I recognize) were guests. Maybe I should have realized that it would have been this way.

Anyhow, I came home early since I was lucky to be able to leave right after the toasts. -sweet!-

Since I still have the 85L that I rented for the wedding, I wanted to make some good use of it. Left attached to my 1D I went to Reading Terminal in Philadelphia! In all honesty I have never been to the market till after my date last Saturday. So I came back packing 85L heat! And. Boy was it packed! It was really packed! I started to have second thoughts on having a future engagement session here, even though it would be pretty cool for some shots.

As I entered the terminal, I spotted an old friend of mine from Boy Scouts. I haven’t seen Scott in years. He said the last time he saw me was when I used to work for Best Buy, but I don’t remember. All I remember from Best Buy was selling TVs and getting customers to buy digital ready TVs and being fired because I had a dentist appointment.

We chatted about the family and my brothers. I never would think that he would become a pastor, but he is. Good thing I didn’t mention to him that I am an atheist.

But he had to go.

I went back to shooting. For the next hour or so I went photographing and… shopping. Ugh! I splurged and bought $16 worth of cheese, $6 dollars worth of coffee {coffee and dark chocolate covered espresso beans} and some apples. And the apples weren’t even crunchy as I asked for! WHAT!?

the small one was 4.99!!

I love this sign. It reminds me of Alyssa's (bride from st. john wedding!) food blog!

Heading back to photographing, I found myself at the blue mountain winery stand where I sampled some wine. Mmmm … wine!

Having my research fill, I went down to Chinatown to check the area out a little bit. To eat any vegetarian food here or not? Not. I thought to myself, I am not really into Chinese food so I am going to head towards Capogiro to get some gelato and maybe lunch next door at El Vez. There is something unpleasant about seeing guys wearing tight black pants. It has always been a scary proposition to me to wear tight pants. My boys like to breath and be free, so what happens when guys wearing tight black pants have a hard on?

I arrived at CapoGiro to get some gelato. Mmm… gelato! Gelato has been said to be the original ice cream, the papa to the delicious frozen creamy treats that we all enjoy. I practically lived off of gelato while I was in Italy. Literally! I would eat light meals for dinner, but load up on gelato to eat instead! My colleague also informs me that her daughter lived off of gelato when her and her brother went to Italy.

I ended the research trip at El Vez. I heard good word of it that I figured I was here and in need of lunch. To be honest, Las Bugambilias is so much better. But it wasn’t bad. It was just alright, I would still come back to eat there.