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I am going to turn 29 this Sept.  At least.. I think I will.  Or maybe I will be turning 28.  I think the fact that I forget my own age is troubling…

I thought I would, at least by now, be living in Ireland, or at least Seattle!  😉 But this is crazy!  I will be 29 in a couple months and then I will have one year left to enjoy my 20s!  I don’t want to turn to the dirty thirties!  I haven’t even …. uhm… tried all of the variety of gelato out there!

So this my to do list before I hit thirty:

  • Stay in Seattle for more than a week.
  • Try as many vintages and varieties of wine out there.
  • Go back to Ireland.
  • Run a marathon.
  • Try out for a triathlon.
  • Eat all the varieties of Gelato.
  • Learn how to play a musical instrument.

I think some of this might not work out, cause there are a lot of types of wine and gelato out there.  Maybe that will get me started for my “before I hit the 4-0” list.  I hope to reside in a foreign country, for a month or ten, before I hit the 4-0.