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It about 4 or 5 in the morning came some knocking on my door.  Eliza was at my door needing to tell me something.  She told me that John and her were beyond happy and glad that I worked really hard for their wedding.  Great!  But… couldn’t that wait till I woke up at 8ish?  I sensed that there was something else…

The guests were unnerved when I left last night.  Last I checked I was about to pass out onto the ground and I DID drop my 1D onto the beach, by accident… I would hate to see what would have happened to my gear if my body landed on top of both.  My 1d and 135L are safe by the way.  Also, that I didn’t get enough family photographs.  Wasn’t the time we set aside to do family photos enough?  Were they missing people?  I specifically said for someone to get the people they want in the family images there..

In any case, my contract ended at 9 pm, as I mentioned in the previous blog. So Eliza wanted to warn me of any crooked stares from the guests were because of this.

And back to bed I went.


Since I don’t usually sleep long after being woken up, I woke up at 7 AM.  I met John and Eliza downstairs for some breakfast as they were lounging about and chatting with the guests.

We went to little shop next to the “corn flake” place to buy something to eat.  I had some really good mushroom quesadilas.  Mmmm!  I really love the food here.   I don’t think that I will be able to enjoy Mexican food back in the states now that I have tasted the good stuff.

After we ate, we went out to shoot our after the day session.  At first I wanted to do a trash this dress, but, I think it is a little hard to get back into the dress and tux afterwards.  Especially in that heat.  So with John trailblazing in the golf cart we went around shooting on the island.  We past by a military base with soldiers attached with submachine guns….

We shot around and in the palm tree leaves, but when we left I saw one of the construction workers point at us while a police officer, a little ways behind us, was catching up to us.

Uh oh… ?  The police officer drove passed us, so maybe it was just a coincidence?

We continued racing down and find spots to photograph till we got to our destination at the south end of the island.  And coincidentally, Eliza’s parents were there and this was one of the places that they wanted to take them to.  It was a small coast along the shore.  It looked a little interesting, but as I gazed out to the ocean there was one spot where I wanted to shoot.

Heading towards the end of the penninsula we saw a Mayan ruins, but we were not allowed on it.  CRAP!  Going on that was part of the idea, but, oh well.  I found some more fun things to shoot.

Eliza and John went down a path as I photographed them till they got to a railing to look out to the ocean.  presto.

When we finished, I figured the two or so hours would suffice for the shoot.  So John pressed the pedal to the metal of the golf cart as we drove down the road along the coast back to the resort.  We passed shacks in the middle of pretty fancy houses, which was an interesting and saddening juxtaposition of imagery.  Here you have some real wealth and right next to it real poverty living next door.  I shouldn’t be surprised.  But, wow.

We returned to the hotel and went off to the beach.  I was free to do as I pleased, but I wanted to get some lunch.  Rejoining Eliza downstairs in the lobby, we went towards the beach to just relax now that everything was done.  Bringing only my 5, I had some lunch and then explore a little later.  Katie warned me about the wait for the wait time, but that’s ok.  I needed food and off-load the pesos dad gave to me before I came down.  Mainly the coins.

I decided to change cameras on my way to explore, so instead of the 5, I took out the 1 and the 135.  I thought to myself that I wanted to just do some PJing, and minimal island scapes.

This island is pretty small.

I say that because as a hiker, I try to explore as much as possible.  I pretty much saw everything without repeating within a couple hours of exploring.  On the way back to the resort, I heard free tequila!  That was enough to stop me and give me pause!  I mean all the shot glasses of tequila were free.  So after four shots, I ordered a mango margarita.  Mmmmm!  It was sooo good! I didn’t want to leave, but, drinking by myself isn’t very fun and the bar was a little empty.

I walked towards the beach.  I mean.. lurched and stumbling my way to the beach.  I think that is the more appropriate words, since I had a slight hint of inebriation.  But, I think a nap was in order so I trudged my way back to my room to take a little nap.

When 5pm crept up, I met up with Eliu as I took some more detail shots.  It was pretty cool, since this morning I photographed some parts of his complete quilt that he made for John and Eliza.  It was a really thick and heavy quilt!  I picked it up so I know!  It took him about 5 months to finish it, made up of used jeans that he sewed together.  I saw their dad walk around and asked if this was his third time today hiking the island.

But I guess even champs need to break as the dad came up to the patio with some cool shells.  Seeing that I had a pretty good idea!  Especially after Eliu showed me some prints of the process of making the quilt (which we had to hide since Eliza was underneath the patio)  So seeing the shells, I took a little jog to the shore line to find something to add into the deliverables.  My deliverables idea was a box, with the DVD case, post cards, and the shells from the island.  (It came out great, check it out!)

Right before we all went for dinner, we had happy hour.  Since Eliza and Erick already left us to go there, I went with Katie, Amy, and Kevin.  We went to a bar on the beach where I saw the guy I met on the docks!  What a small.. island.

The bartender was pretty snarky at me for paying him in change!  I wanted to get rid of all my peso coins!  but I bought a pair of Sols, and then a banana margarita, and a couple other sols.  Mmm.  Alcohol.  But knowing that I was drinking on an empty stomach, it would have made getting drunk so much faster.  Kevin, Amy, and I headed towards Jax to buy some dinner to bring back to the bar.  While waiting for our food to be made, we had some tequila shots.  haha!

I gave Kevin the rest of my pesos, after paying for my dinner, to help pay for tip and the shots.  Eliza was by herself when we got to the bar, since she didn’t want the bar to close so she waited there.

Food.  Devoured.

We devoured our food and went towards the bar on the beach with swings over the ocean.  But.  I was out of pesos, but Tiny gave me free beer!  Hooray!