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I woke up at 7 am, not sure how after all the drinks I had the previous day, but I did.  From my room on the third floor I made my way down to breakfast to devour all of the fresh mangoes.  Well I also had pb&j sandwiches, but my main meal were the mangoes.  Eating 10 whole mangoes, was a sticky delight!  They were fresh, sweet, and delectable!

Eliza’s mother, however, tried to challenge me (if memory serves) towards a mango eating contest.  Being that she had to depart soon, I was the victor by default.

My own departure time was at 10 am and my gear was already packed since last night.  Thankfully I packed light, so there wasn’t too much to put back in.

As I made my way back downstairs I saw John’s mom.  Knowing there is some uneasy feelings going around about my work, I lent her my iPad to see my portfolio.

My time on the island was over, as I hiked down to the ferry at 9:20 am.  Retrieving my iPad, I gave my byes to Eliza.  But with John already ferrying people down to the ferry, I asked her to say bye and much thanks to him in my stead.  It was a fun time here, but, I am not an island slicker.  I stashed my camera back into my bag as I hiked down.  I passed the bar with the free tequila and the many shops along the main shopping center of the island as I made my way to the docks.  Where I met John.

Saying my thanks and congrats, I boarded the ferry to head towards Cancun.  I looked at the island of my first solo destination wedding with fondness.

When we made it to Cancun, I boarded a shuttle with the family who also presided over the ceremony.  I was supposed to board my shuttle 15 minutes after theirs.  Oops!  The confusion was that the driver waved all of us to come in, so I thought that meant me too!  But it was okay since they were fine with me taking the shuttle with them.

What wasn’t cool, was that when I made it to the airport, I was told that my flight has a 2 hour delay.  Fantastic.  I could have gone around Cancun a little bit!  No, not really.  I didn’t know what I wanted to see around Cancun and I am sure the places that I could check out would be crappy.  After security, easy process, I went to my gate to ask the attendant what the status was.  No one had an idea.  I am pretty confident that I will never fly with US airways again.

It wasn’t a 2 hour delay, it was a 3 hour delay.  Damn it, US Airways, stop trying to kill my love of travel!

By 3:40 pm we finally boarded the plane and left the tropical paradise.